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My Corona Diary December 2020 - 2021


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31 March 2022, 10 a.m. Central European Time.

It is springtime, the typical spring flowers have already been blooming in our gardens and parks for a fortnight, such as daffodils, hyacinths, pansies, snowdrops, etc.
This morning I look out of my kitchen window and freeze; I can hardly believe my eyes.
It is snowing thick snowflakes at about zero degrees.
The trees and bushes, the roofs of the houses and parked cars are snowed in.
I quickly got my camera and took a few snapshots of this surprise through the kitchen window.

In a few minutes I have an appointment with a dentist and a cardiologist.
But the heart specialist won't be able to help either ...
Going to the dentist is not really worth it at my age and in my condition. It only makes the dentist rich.

When I'm back, I'll post a few pictures.


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After lengthy and extensive examinations by a cardiologist, he recommended a new, different medication for me.
I am now pinning my hopes on 4 new medications.
They are supposed to combat the hypertensive derailments better.
Let's wait and see; hope dies last ...


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The weather is going crazy in Central Europe.
A cold snap with cold and moist air masses from the polar region made it snow in northern Germany this morning (31.3.22). In Hamburg there was a small "snow disaster" in the early hours of 31.3.22.
Several cm of fresh snow are forecast for central and southern Germany at altitudes above 500 metres.
Some pictures:
a look out of my kitchen Window:




in the morning. A walk along the street. it is snowing.


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Now in the afternoon at 4 p.m. everything has thawed away again.
The temperature rose to about 5 degrees.
Thank God.

I would like to be on the beach in Jomtiem right now.
30 degrees, sun, beach, sea, swimming until the doctor comes (that's how we say colloquially in German).

Dear revered Pattaya.
Can we make a deal?
Here in the Hamburg area we have snowfall and only 5 degrees during the day and there is a danger of frost at night!!!!
Can we make a deal?
You send us 8 degrees of warmth and we send you 8 degrees of cold; that would be a successful cold-warmth exchange. You would then have about 24 degrees and our temperatures would be a spring-like 13 degrees.
It would be a real win-win situation.

Greetings from desperate Charly


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Nasiadai, thank you for posting your photos and news.

Your optimism and perseverance, in the face of the duality, of age and declining (and hopefully retreating) health issues, inspires me.

Whilst Covid is throwing heavy and unwelcome blanket over us all, we are in uncertain times and you demonstrate a grit, a toughness, that we all like to feel we share.

Keep up the good work.

I am recovering (long term ~ a little) from a stroke and heart events and cancer. When I read your missives I am moved to finish, what started out as a "Novel" but now may be, an autobiography, veiled in fiction.

As the foreword reads, 'the following story is fiction, the scenery is real'.

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A few memories - full of wistfulness and melancholy.
End of March 2020 - the Thai government's Corona measures take effect.
I left Thailand - unscheduled because of Corona - on 30 March 2020. With one of the last flights from Suvarnabhum abroad.
I flew with Thai Airways from Suvarnbhum to Brussels; from Brussels with trains to Hamburg.
The holiday was originally planned from 2 January 2020 to 2 April 2020.

Among other things, I spent 24 days in Burma / Myanmar.
They were wonderful Burmese days:
Bagan, Mandalay and Yangon: it was overwhelming.
March 2020 I spent - partly together with my Thai friends - in Jomtiem in the Soi Welcome in the hotel / guesthouse "Happy Bou".
Here are a few pictures I took shortly before the hasty departure.


This picture shows the pool table in the back bar area
of the "Happy Bou".
Covered with a tarpaulin; nobody was allowed to play anymore; the drastic Corona measures at that time ...


The pool was also closed.

„I’m missing you like crazy
I think I’m going mad
I simply can’t stop thinking
of the special times we had.“


Greetings - Charly


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Some sweet memories of Walking Street March 2020 just before the Corona measures kicked in and the bars and restaurants closed.


Some sweet memories of Walking Street March 2020 just before the Corona measures kicked in and the bars and restaurants closed.


Out and about with Khun Earn and Lady PuPea for a few evenings on Walking Street.
Evenings and nights full of adventure and experiences.

Two young women who master their lives.
In the times of Corona, I occasionally helped with a few money transfers to bridge dramatic shortages.

"I know I’m far away,
But there’s not a day,
I never think of you.     ---->
Khun Earn and Lady PuPea
At times, I miss you so,
Needing you in my arms,
Your mesmerizing charms,
Always makes me slow."


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