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Thailand Pass set to replace CoE


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Just in...email from Thailand Pass...they want me to re-register...OK, fill out all the forms online and submit all the docs again...they will review and get back to me in 3 to 7 days...I don't think so.

I working on plan B: fly to either Laos or Malaysia and take a bus or a train in to Thailand. Don't need this Thailand Pass for bus or a train...

If I can get to Japan and they stop me, then plan B goes into effect...

If I do get to Thailand by air...hmmmm...I may not have the Thailand Pass but I got all the paperwork...vax passport, recent covid test with negative results, insurance and the quarantine airport hotel.

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I see a slight problem with your travel plans

  • International Visitors are currently unable to enter Laos
  • Malaysia  7 days quarantine., but only for

Category of Passengers Allowed Entry

Malaysia nationals

Foreigners holding valid Malaysian long-term visit passes can enter the country without immigration clearance via MyTravelPass/MyEntry. These categories of passengers include:

Diplomat (Exemption Order)/Dependent/Foreign Maid

Employment Pass (Category I, II, III) / Dependent/Foreign Maid

Resident Pass-Talent (RP-T)/ Dependent/Foreign Maid

Professional Visit Pass-Specialist

Professional Visit Pass.

Permanent Resident (PR)/Spouse to PR/Child to PR.

Long-Term Pass (Husband/Wife/Child) to Citizen.

Senior Citizen Pass.

Widow/Widow Pass to Citizen.

Student Pass/Dependent/Escort.

Malaysia Pass My Second Home/Dependents/Foreign Maid.

Resident Pass.

Temporary Work Visit Pass.

Foreign Maid.

Oil & Gas workers and Seafarers- Crew Ship entry for ‘sign-on’ / ‘joint ship’ must provide Letter of Guarantee.

Other foreigners that are not listed in the above-mentioned categories are required to apply via MyTravelPass/MyEntry before entering Malaysia. Passengers are advised to refer to the Official Portal of Immigration Department of Malaysia for detailed information.


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I be at the BKK airport hotel. Made it thru all the BS at like 1AM this morning. I see the Thailand Pass people and the immi people working their azz off at the airport dealing with all the crap!
There were at least 200 chairs set up before the first hassle, Thailand Pass. Many besides me had problems with the Thailand Pass.

Even checking in to the airport hotel was a hassle, more for the hotel staff but it took quite bit of time to get checked in and then to get the mandated PCR covid test.

3 AM I finally was showered and sleeping as best as I could with the wonderful jet lag.

Anyone doing international travel...DON'T...unless you enjoy insane hassles!!!

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