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Thailand Pass set to replace CoE


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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Digital Government Development Agency are developing a new system to replace the certificate of entry (CoE) for Thais and foreigners who wish to enter the country through an airport.

Tanee Sangrat, spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, said on Thursday a new web-based application called the Thailand Pass system, where people can gather information and upload documents, is being developed for the kingdom's Nov 1 reopening.

Mr Tanee said the Thailand Pass will replace the CoE system and facilitate the filing of an immigration form known as the TM6 and a health declaration form known as T8.

As for vaccination certification, certificates will be approved online by the Department of Communicable Disease Control under the Public Health Ministry, he said.

According to Mr Tanee, his ministry has approved more than 400,000 CoEs for Thai and foreign nationals so far.

The Public Health Ministry on Thursday reported 11,276 new Covid-19 cases and 112 more fatalities recorded in the previous 24 hours.


Sit back with Popcorn time, they still have not resolved the online 90 day reporting yet, this will be a farce.

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Tempting to once again ridicule, the Thai's penchant for ineffective paperwork, but it seems that it's everywhere these days.

We've had no less than 3 different systems to record that we've had a Covid vaccination in NZ and the 3rd hasn't made it to fruition, so we're using any of the three possibilities...

Not that I'd travel anyway, have you seen the prices?

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It is not knocking the Thai penchant for paperwork, it is knocking the Thai Public Sector ability to implement a glitch free, operating online service.

Online 90 Day Reporting……Still not working correctly 

Online Registration for Covid Vaccinations……Plagued with errors

Online Easy Pass (which has been developed in a few days)…… What could possibly go wrong

It is a Public Sector IT project    …… nuff said.

Private sector websites I have dealt with such as Banks, SET, Hotels, Online Shopping etc all work just fine. It the Hierarchy, Nepotism and Pay Structure within the Public Sector means that it is lead by incompetents 

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 But at least that works.

The  Certificate of Entry worked, but now just a couple of weeks before partial reopening they are replacing it with a, as yet, untested online application.

As previously mentioned, Public Sector IT projects do not have a good track record, especially ones used by pesky farangs. If even get up amd running, they are not down for a few hours, but days and often weeks.

Imagine, for example, that you had just spent 10.5 hours on a plane coming to Thailand but were not allowed in because website was down, you wouldn’t be too best pleased I would imagine, but that is the scenario I foresee occurring.

Only yesterday a similar thing occurred in the UK and stopped all departures




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18 minutes ago, Mekong said:




Imagine, for example, that you had just spent 10.5 hours on a plane coming to Thailand but were not allowed in because website was down, you wouldn’t be too best pleased I would imagine, but that is the scenario I foresee occurring.




Sir, one of the greatest storms in human history happened in my presence on the opening day of the Canton Fair maybe 10 years ago, can´t remember. Imagine ten-thousands of the finest tradesmen of all countries worldwide including the Indian subcontinent and all of Africa and at least one from Germany. Suffered from a long trip and excited to find the deal of their life at this fair. But: the wise Chinese government had decided in the meantime that no man or woman was to enter the fairground without a photo on a label. Everybody had to fill another form and then wait for a place in front of the camera. Nothing did move for maybe 1,5 hours and that was when the crowd started marching forward. Iron gates were pushed  away, the Chinese security people lost control and ran. If you imagine a million  buffaloes on a stampede over the prairie you get an idea what I mean. It was simply and absolutely great. I would want the same happening again and there seems to be a possibility.

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They will have to issue a list of hotels you can book for the overnight quarantine. How many, 40 places bookable in advance from travellers from Austria to Zimbabwe? Plane arrives with 200 souls on board. They might have decided for 25 different places. During immigration and testing procedures another aeroplane comes in with 160 souls. Heading for 20 hotels, partially different from case 1. I guess what happens then in front of the arrival building will make my Canton Fair event look a decently organised procedure. Holy Lord.

Random testing on the roads: Guess they catch traveller BuBi in front of Beergarden and tell him to check into an approved  hotel maybe Soi 300 Sukhumvit. How does BuBi get there, by hitchhike cause BuBi without funds? And what if BuBi explains in fluent Thai that he needs his heartpills from the Oriental otherwise sudden death to be expected in 50 minutes? Many thing big prompremm!

Holy Lord.


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And you do realize that the Travel Pass will be used to track your location.

As for Random Testing (aka Swap Hubs) why are they using PCR (chain reaction) testing where results take time , i.e Time in Hotel awaiting results when they use ATK Rapid Test Kits (Antigen Test Kits) with near instant results for locals. So tourists will be charged extortionate rates for PCR test and Hotel Bills.

How can they differentiate between Chinese and Singaporean tourists and Thais, without watching the Chinese eating that is, so xenophobic bias towards Farangs,  thus reinforcing Anuntins believe that Covid is caused by dirty Farangs.

So many questions and so few answers.

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In Oz every place I go to needs to be checked in by a government app. 


Don't check in business and person both get heavy fines.


Will this disappear after COVID is over


I suspect Cav would like me, not be happy.


Big state will really follow you.


In Queensland the police "promised" not to use this to track possible criminals as they knew that would discourage people from use


And yes, they got caught using the app, regardless of government and police "promises"


App used already outside it's claimed use


Cav ????

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