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In Topic: Usa Thread

09 February 2011 - 09:50

We all sort of learned Spanish by default. The Arabic thing is ok if offered as an elective. Always good to know a second or more language...Arabic is practical.

In Topic: Egypt

09 February 2011 - 09:48

:dunno:  :dunno:  :dunno: maybe he likes to keep busy?

In Topic: Anyone arriving from any where into BKK this week or next week?

08 February 2011 - 17:50

Never had the Double Black...in fact haven't seen it here either...what is it? Price seems comparable to the regular Black.

Ok  Found It.

In Topic: Usa Thread

08 February 2011 - 17:20

"...Since when is any language other than English MANDATORY in US schools?..."

Been to California lately? English is really just a suggested language here.

In Topic: Thai and Cambodian troops clash

08 February 2011 - 17:18


The UN needs to call in both countries for an explanation - televised.

What a spectacle that would be....

More like 2 kids fighting at recess - the whole he started it, no he did, well his daddy's son did.

Would be very entertaining to the rest of the world - if only real people didn't get killed by both sides there.

I know there was a push to make KPV a UNESCO site. There was also some proposal to have the "disputed territory" made part of some international/UNESCO zone shared by both countries or something like that. Both sides spit on that proposal.