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  1. “If it falls to your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures, sweep streets like Beethoven composed music ... Sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will have to pause and say: Here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well.†- Martin Luther King, Jr. Cheers! SS
  2. Rewat "Ter" Buddhinan ( เรวัต พุทธินันทน์) was a Thai rock and roll pioneer in the 1980 and 1990's - and died in 1996, at the age of 48. He also founded GMM Grammy Entertainment. Info at: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/life/Rewat-relives-the-dream-30204388.html and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rewat_Buddhinan Brief clip of him and his band performing in October 1986: What I am trying figure out is how he died. That information seems to be buried - which suggests to me that one of three things happened: 1. Drug overdose 2. Murder 3. Suicide Does anyone who goes back that far recall the circumstances of this guy's final curtain call? Thanks, SS
  3. Ah - but the controllers need to earn baht without interruption - so minor issues like hormone-driven rampage cycles cannot be allowed to interrupt the cash flow stream. SS
  4. Well - with the start of winter still more than 30 days away, America has recorded its first instance of ALL FIFTY STATES recording temperatures below freezing: (Fahrenheit temperatures shown): So much for global warming - and its bastard stepsister "climate change" (when it is meant as an oblique referral to global warming). SS
  5. StoneSoup

    Gun Control

    I wonder why smarmy little John Oliver didn't go interview Aussie residents of downtown Sydney, and ask them how they felt about being disarmed:
  6. I can't definitely advise you on your specific situation - but I know that on my Android mobile phone, when I write long SMS messages, there is a point where the phone uses a pop-up message to alert me that the message will be going out a a data file, and not as an SMS. It then encapsulates the message into a "frame" - that looks like a video frame - and sends it out that way. I've never paid attention to the way this sort of message gets billed to me. Cheers! SS
  7. They certainly have a very good parade ground army. I particularly liked the shot of the row of boots with the soles peeling off. That takes a good deal of practice drilling to accomplish. I suppose we will soon see how they stack up against the Japanese - and then maybe the Filipinos. And - then will come "Showtime". Cheers! SS
  8. It appears that the seated perp may have made an "inappropriate" comment to the policeman. Too many people conflate the idea of "freedom of speech" with the non-equivalent idea of "freedom from consequences of your speech". The difference may be a jackboot in your mouth. Cheers! SS
  9. "With climate change, its been spreading..." Oh, really? Do you mean "global warming" ? But - there has been no warming - for at least the last 17 years, or so. Or - could it possibly be: the teeming hordes of tens of thousands of impoverished illegal Latino immigrants that the Obamadebacle has basically invited and encouraged to flood into the USA - and who have been purposefully distributed to virtually all 50 states - and who come from areas in which Chagras disease is endemic - might that POSSIBLY have something to do with this new crisis? The utterly pathetic state of journalism in America is staggering. SS
  10. Here is current, ongoing situation: http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/polar-vortex-42-states/37049255
  11. I always like how the activists wailing about "man-made climate change" (their obfuscating term for global warming) always tout the infallibility of the "experts" at governmental agencies that collude with their fantasies. In the US, the "expertise" of NOAA (The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) is always cited as the basis for alarmist claims. Well, look at what NOAA - just three weeks ago - had to say about the likelihood of polar vortex activity in the US this cold season: http://www.jconline.com/story/news/2014/10/20/dont-expect-winter-polar-vortex-redux/17630033/ Published 20 October, the money quote: "Mike Halpert of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday that the upcoming winter looks pretty average in general. He doesn't expect a lot of extreme conditions like last year's cold outbreaks when Arctic air dipped south with the polar vortex. "A repeat of last winter is not particularly likely," said Halpert, acting director of NOAA's Climate Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland." The climate change loonies make noises as if the NOAA "experts" can reliably predict what is going to unfold ten, thirty, or a hundred years from now - and the forecast is is always for "hell in a hand-basket". Well - as evidenced at the link - the NOAA experts cannot even predict a MAJOR climate event coming in 21 days time - in fact, they get it EXACTLY wrong. Laughable. SS
  12. At least since 2000, all US Ambassadors to Thailand have been career Foreign Service Officers. Having taken the Foreign Service Exam, and having then gone through the selection process before the Board of Examiners (and not been selected), I can attest that no idiots can make it into the Foreign Service. It was - by far - the hardest and most selective selection process that I have sever gone through. I took the exam in December 2003 - they said that 122,000 people took the test that day, worldwide. The first cut was to the top 1,000 scorers. Those selected then had to go to a full-day selection process in various places around the world. My rejection letter said that they accepted 13 people that year - and that I should apply again, because in other years, I would have made it - and that most people who are accepted have gone through the process more than once. I do agree with you about Ambassadors who are political appointees - big donors who are given glamorous postings. Cheers! SS
  13. There is always "alternative therapy": http://totalfratmove.com/guy-goes-to-mexico-to-kill-himself-spends-week-doing-coke-and-banging-hookers-decides-to-keep-living/ I guess - different strokes for different folks. "Gentleman Jim" Corbett: “Fight one more round. When your feet are so tired that you have to shuffle back to the center of the ring, fight one more round. When your arms are so tired that you can hardly lift your hands to come on guard, fight one more round. When your nose is bleeding and your eyes are black and you are so tired that you wish that your opponent would crack you one on the jaw and put you to sleep, fight one more round – remembering that the man who always fights one more round is never whipped.†Cheers, SS
  14. If World War II Was a Bar Fight Still sore from the night before, Germany has had one too many pints. It is sucking up to Russia, deciding it doesn’t want to pay for the drinks that France insists it owes. They then drunkenly shout out that Austria is its brother, man, and Italy is their long time best friend. Sauced now and belligerent, Germany is glaring angrily about the bar. Italy is already marching around, challenging everyone to step outside. America had left the bar some time ago and no one was sure where it’d gone. With nothing better to do, Germany challenges Soviet Russia to an arm wrestling match at the Spanish table, while Japan was in the back room whacking China with a pool cue. Arm wrestling over, Germany goes to the bar again and orders another pint and one for Austria. Glancing over to Czechoslovakia, Germany says, “Hey, nice shirt. I want itâ€. Before Czechoslovakia can jump from the bar stool and take a swing, Britain walks over and stands between the two, saying, “Can’t we just get along? Come on, now, Czechoslovakia, just the shirt, that’s all.†Humiliated, Czechoslovakia hands over the shirt and Britain walks back to the corner table with France saying, “See? Peace in our time.†At the other end of the pub, Italy has finally found someone to fight: it kicks Ethiopia in the goolies as they walk in. Germany, raises their pint glass in salute to Italy. Then they look at Russia who’s wandered back in after checking on Japan in the back room and both look over at Poland who’s been sitting by themselves at a small table….. right next to Germany. England and France stare at Germany and England wags their finger at Germany. Germany gives them an “aw shucks†grin and then turns and knocks Poland’s beer off the table. Poland stands up to confront Germany beckoning for England and France to come over and help. Russia then taps Poland on the shoulder and when they turn around Germany grabs the chair and smashes it over Poland’s head. Russia then rushes in and begins kicking Poland repeatedly as they lay writhing on the floor. Germany turns to England and France and makes a “come on then†gesture, but England and France slink back to their table and continue to utter threats in low voices. Denmark, Norway, Holland, and Belgium who popped in for a quick one after work all look worried and finish their drinks in a hurry and yell for the bill. Finland who’s been sitting in a corner quietly notices Russia is distracted going through the unconscious Poland’s pockets, and quickly sneaks up behind them and smashes a vodka bottle over their head. Russia gets up, shakes their head, grabs Finland by one arm and tosses them against the wall, knocking them completely out. Russia then goes back to their table in the far corner and sits down to sulk. Japan notices this and slinks out back to see if China has woken up yet. England grabs the phone and calls Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India and tells them to get down here right quick and oh could one of them pop around to the United States and tell them to grab their baseball bat and come over. Then England walks over and stands by France confronting Germany, Italy and their mates now standing in the middle of the room. Everyone else quickly pays their bill and heads for the door. Germany crosses the room, rolls up its sleeves and with four punches knocks Denmark, Norway, Holland and Belgium out cold. Germany then grabs all their wallets and tosses them on a table to sort through later. France is upset that its little cousin Belgium has been taken out and rushes to get at Germany. Italy has finally finished going through Ethiopia’s pockets sees France on the move, sticks out its leg and trips them. When France gets up Germany picks up an entire table and smashes it over their head. France is knocked out for several hours and when they finally wake up they’re slightly schizophrenic and crawl off into a corner to argue with themselves. Outnumbered and alone England barricades itself behind the bar and begins tossing empty pint glasses at Germany, hoping the kids show up soon. Germany and Italy begin sorting out the other tables and strut around the bar. In a corner booth Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania seeing what just happened, stand up and declare that Germany and Italy are their new best mates and buy them a round. Across the street the United States is getting concerned about all the noise and broken windows and wants to go over and take a look, but the missus tells them to sit down and finish their dinner. Shortly after dinner, United States hears a noise in the backyard and investigates just in time to see Japan smashing its tiki themed patio set in retaliation for suggesting they had too much to drink. United States is very upset at this and heads down to bar. Japan also eggs The Netherlands’ house and moons Australia as it heads back to pick on China some more. Italy, while the Germans have their backs turned, decides to pick a fight with the Balkans Football Club which has been sitting in the corner. The BFC is a lot tougher then they look and offers Italy a few good smacks to the face. Italy quickly runs behind Germany and peeks out from behind their legs. Germany turns around with a “WTF!†After sorting out the BFC with some help from its new bestest bud Romania and Hungary, Germany looks around the shambles of the room. England is yelling threats at them from behind the bar and Canada is behind them passing a fresh supply of empty bottles to toss. Then another cry for help from Italy – they’ve decided to rifle the pockets of Egypt who passed out earlier in the children’s sandbox in the corner, but England sicked Australia, New Zealand and South Africa on them and they’re all smacking Italy about the kneecaps. Germany sighs and wonders where it can get some better allies. As Germany makes its way to the sandbox, it makes eye contact with a stretching, knuckle cracking Japan, who gives a knowing nod. Japan puffs its chest and makes its way through the ocean of spilled beer to the United States, who’s standing there flat-footed, laughing hysterically, one hand slapping its knee. But USA looks up just in time to see Japan midswing with a big section of broken table. USA reels backwards into Germany, which is not amused and promises to get USA once it’s taken care of the sandbox. Japan, in the meantime, turns around and wails on poor Netherlands, cowering on the floor. The Philippines meanwhile walks out the door, vowing to return. At the end of the bar, India, trying hard to mind its own business gets splashed with beer and starts to get up. After dealing with the sandbox, Germany walks over to Russia hand outstretched in greeting. Russia takes it and get rewarded with Germany’s boot to the nads, and Finland, Hungary, Italy and Romania all pile on. Bloodied and dazed Russia backs off into the storeroom. To distract Germany, England whispers something to Canada, who sneaks across the room and tries to smash a beer bottle on Germany’s head. The bottle fails to break and Germany turns around, grins and punches Canada in the nose. Holding their bloody nose Canada retreats, but keeps a supply of empty pint glasses flowing to Britain. Australia and New Zealand get an urgent call from their wives to come home because Japan is lurking in the garden, and they dash out. South Africa still pissed at England for making them take on both Italy and Germany and continues to sulk in the kid’s sandbox. Germany goes looking for Russia in the storeroom to punch it some more, and notices the attractive walk-in freezer with hanging loops of sausage and schnitzel, not realizing Russia is hiding inside waiting with a frozen haunch of ham….. Germany otherwise occupied, Britain kicks sand in Italy’s face. With things getting a bit too quiet in the main bar, Britain and Canada start throwing pickled eggs at Germany’s back. Germany and Russia, encouraged by their new buddies Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland and Ukraine, have started a serious game of Russian Roulette in the freezer, so Germany fails to hear Italy’s pitiful screams for help. Italy, having decided that beating up on Ethiopia was training enough to punch at their own weight level, decided to take on Britain, but runs away after getting sodomized by their giant British boot. Meanwhile, our friendly bartender Switzerland is still sitting there, watching this all unfold, dishtowel in one hand, drink in the other, ducking the occasional flying bottle/chairleg/billiard ball. Our other friendly bartender Sweden is still sitting there, watching, order pad in one hand, weapons licenses for sale in the other and selling brass knuckles to both sides. USA, Canada and England now working together, piledrive Italy and knock them unconscious. Then, South Africa, New Zealand and Poland (who left to get a new set of trousers and just got back) all join together and rain blows and kicks and elbows on Germany until it can’t help but beg for mercy. Even Brazil from down the street jumps in as does France who appears to be fine again. Italy and Germany decide that enough’s enough and cry for surrender, with the bar now completely and utterly ruined. Japan is still poking USA in the back. With a little help from some engineers patronizing the bar, USA heaves the piano over the second floor railing and it lands with deafening noise squarely on Japans head. From underneath a tiny white flag rises from rubble. http://www.tentimesone.com/if-world-war-two-was-a-bar-fight/ Cheers! SS
  15. First - understand the process, and the correct terms. Someone has an extended entry permit, probably based on either business, or marriage to a Thai spouse. It is now time to renew that entry permit extension. You must appear in person at Immigration, to apply for the renewal. They usually don't talk to you, they just want to see your face. They then place into your passport an ink stamp, which says "application for extension under consideration" - and it gives you an "extended until" date that is approximately 30 days later. At this point, your renewal is not completed - it is just "under consideration" - but you have a short-term extension. 30 days later, either you, or a service provider representing you, shows up at Immigration with your passport, to receive the long-term extension stamp. The passport holder is NOT required to be present - just his passport. BUT - if you now want a reentry permit - either single or multiple-entry - that lets you exit and reenter Thailand - you must appear in person to obtain that stamp. From early 2012 until 24 August 2014, most service providers had "arrangements" whereby applicants did not need to appear at any time - they could instead pay a fee (with no receipt) to have just your passport visit Immigration. At my company, the "no receipt" fees were 2,000 baht for the annual renewal, and 200 baht for the re-entry permit. As of 24 August, the junta clamped down on Immigration, and the "special services" were discontinued. This month, things at Immigration are on the path toward returning to "normal". But - as of today - personal appearances are still required, as described above. I am in the business of processing company registrations, work permits, and Immigration extensions - so I keep track of procedures virtually day by day. Everything that I wrote above applies to Bangkok. Things work somewhat differently in other jurisdictions. Cheers, SS
  16. 'Fetches beer for human partner, when human announces "I'm parched"!
  17. The Earth's orbit around the sun is not a perfect circle - and the variances in distance affect the sun's heating of the earth. The Earths rotation on its axis is not stable - it experiences "precession" or wobbling - which causes variances in how the sun heats various regions. The sun's emission of radiation is not stable - the differences between minimum output and maximum output, in the direction off Earth, can be significant. The Earth has volcanic activity - some of it quite awesome - and a BIG eruption (think Krakatoa, or Tambora) can cause multiple-degree changes in global temperature for years. Humans are a minor surface infestation on the earth. Look at the Island of Borneo on a map. - and then look up its surface area. Every human on Earth could be given one square meter of space on Borneo, and there would Borneo left over. Our own bodies harbor more bacterial cells than human cells. Think of the Earth, suspended in space. Cut a cross-section through the earth. Then - depict the thickness of the extremely thin (relative to the diameter of the earth) layer that holds all oceans, and the entire atmosphere. You quickly see that everything we think of as the world around us is just a thin surface infestation of the much larger earth. That thin surface infestation is - literally - sandwiched in-between an extremely hot, mostly molten orb, and a very, very cold surrounding vacuum of space. It is the height of hubris for men to think that anything they can do within that thin surface encrustation could significantly change the temperature within that region - in comparison to the immense hot and cold forces that surround it. And - that is before you even consider the Sun. The lunatics whine about CO2. CO2 is plant food. Every Kudzu vine, every buttercup, and every Redwood - every piece of wood, every blade of grass, every cluster of hops, every lump of charcoal, every pine cone, every baseball bat, cricket bat, thatched roof, watermelon, every sheet of paper in every book ever printed, every railroad tie, every cotton print dress, every linen tablecloth - is composed of carbon that was extracted from airborne CO2 via photosynthesis of plants. Watch:
  18. Well, no one else seems inclined to pop your bubble - so I'll step in. Queen's Park Plaza and Soi 22 - 80% of the places only open up at about 4:30 pm - with staff trickling in until sundown. The other 20% have just a couple off old hens puttering around in the afternoon. Soi 7 Biergarden - Does kick-off around noontime, but pickings are pretty slim until late afternoon. Gullivers - Same as Biergarden- and 60% are the same girls, who gravitate back and forth Soi 4 - This is really your only choice for daytime - with Hillary bars and Morning & Night, and a couple others. But - again - you don't get the best selection showing up, until the sun goes down. No spring chickens at 11:00 am or 1:00 pm. If you get frustrated, I have one suggestion that you might try: Head over to Sukhumvit Soi 23. Opposite side of street from Soi Cowboy, and starting at about the Post Office, and extending up to the main four-way intersecting cross street (NOT the T-intersection - most of the places are north of that road) there are maybe a dozen "massage" knock shops. But - they will also chat with you, if you are taking things slow. Many quite attractive girls, fairly good English skills, very safe. "Basic" happy endings routine, "happier" endings not assured, but have been known to happen - if you catch their fancy, and if you have a bit of spare cash to throw around. Cheers! SS
  19. Location map: http://www.bangkokeyes.com/areaqueen.html Map of bars: http://www.bangkokeyes.com/mapqueen.html History: http://www.bangkokeyes.com/histqueen.html Most info is likely outdated. Cheers! SS
  20. Hah - amateurs. See what else the airlines have up their sleeves: This "arms race to mediocrity" kinda brings to mind: Cheers! SS
  21. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/breakingnews/Pizza-Hut-apologises-for-Pink-Fat-Lady-customer-ta-30245446.html Maybe they should have tried "Rosy elephantine princess" Pizza Hut apologises for 'Pink Fat Lady' customer tag on receipt SINGAPORE (AFP) - Pizza Hut Singapore has launched an investigation and apologised to a customer described as a "Pink Fat Lady" in a handwritten note on her receipt after she ordered pizza for take away. Aili Si on Sunday posted on Pizza Hut Singapore’s Facebook page a photo of the receipt, saying she felt insulted at the description. "I don’t think it is nice for your staff to describe me as such on my receipt," she wrote in a comment accompanying the photo which showed the receipt for her take out order. The receipt had a handwritten note at the bottom that read "Pink Fat Lady", apparently to identify her as she waited for her order.
  22. Color me VERY skeptical.
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