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What's your favourite cheese?


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Fiery Jack did it. He brought up the cheese platter, and how ever attentive by Mr. Samak, pointing out it wasn't a dessert, here we go than with our fave list of cheese.



Boerenbelegen, all the Dutch know this one.


In general I like older cheeses, not too old, like when they start to crumble tho.


A camembert that starts running of the plate. :up:




A good ripe Limburger. Very rare to find nowadays. AKA rommedoe.

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Although I like brie and really love chevre, I prefer hard cheeses.


Unfortunately I don't know the name of my favorite as I have only had this once a long time ago. It was an aged English cheddar. Large wheel about 6 inches high by about 8 or 10 inch diameter. It had a black wax rind and was incredibly dense almost bordering on the density of an aged parmesan. The flavor was incredible, very intense with a nutty flavor. I would love to know what it was.


A good Manchego is also a favorite.


Sharp Cheddar - but only if aged until very dense.


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Is it still referred to as chevre?


I'm going to check that out. I really like the various soft versions rolled in herbs but I've never tried a hard chevre. Last Christmas my wife got me an assortment of five different chevres. The herb varieties are great spread on a baguette with a little extra virgin olive oil and then grilled.


Crap, now I'm really hungry. Thankfully I've got a nice veal chop and some onion soup I'm going to top with some stinky gruyere. Mmmmmmmm. :grinyes:


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