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What's your favourite cheese?


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Says gummigut:

Why hasn't anyone mentioned Kraft Singles? Especially with Astini Spumonti? What a combination. Followed by Velveeta.


cough cough


Pre Clos.


With a good dinner and maybe a bottle of 1990 Chateau de Beaucastel


Followed by a nice armagnac, teuscher chocolate, and good company...




Wadda I get?


Tuk tuk driver farts (that's some cheese). Then Som Tam burn my throat while Lao Kao rots my guts. Topped off with Back Cat whiskey and burnt roaches.





Sounds like a good night out ::

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If you can keep a secret i tell only you (all others please stop reading here):

Never heared of the legendary swiss hole making maschine? Also known as the hole-o-matic 2000. Actuually she is the best keept secret of the swiss cheesemakers, just imagine this maschine in the hands of some unscrupulous criminals.




who will have some tasty cheeseholes right now.

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it is a type of cheese, not a brand.


Thanks for the illumination. Unfortunately I wasn't under the mistaken impression that it was a brand. Nice misassumption though. :neener:


Most varieties of chevre sold here in the states are labeled as simply chevre as opposed to fromage de chevre. I guess very few people would mistake a small shrink wrapped ball of cheese for a goat so the various manufacturers don't feel the need for further explanation. :doah:


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Ahhh, give me a jar of Cheez Whiz


Eeeewwww! :down:


Cheese: a food consisting of the coagulated, compressed, and ripened curd of milk separated from the whey.


Whiz: s. Urine, to urinate.


Cheese Whiz: cheese + ?


Anything labeled as processed cheese food is disgusting in my book.


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I am a cheese fan, I like soft cheese like Brie and Camambert, semi soft like chevre and Feta, favorite of me are the old cheese, old Cheddar like Perron who have 5 years old or older, Stilton, I also like a lot of blue cheese.

Here's a list that I like:

Bleu d'Auvergne

Bleu de Gex

Carre d'Aurillac

Emmental Grand Cru

Royal Morbier



Mozzarella di bufala (not the commercial one they put on pizza the real one)

Parmigiano Reggiano

Pecorino Romano


For the cheese fan here, I heard about a cheese made with human milk and I found it on internet I never taste it but it's real and you can buy this cheese in France, the name is Petit Singly


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To be on-topic:


my personal favorite is Gorgonzola.


A piece of fresh Gorgonzola (so that he is almost creamy), some good whitebread and some butter. Together with a nice Chianti. :up:

(but who goes to LOS because of cheese??? :dunno:)



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