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What's your favourite cheese?


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Says Sarisin:

Ahhh, give me a jar of Cheez Whiz and a box of Ritz crackers and I am in heaven!


Uh, sorry fellows.


As you were.


You and I seem to think alike on this topic, I like a nice piece of aged cheddar, nothing better in my opinion, save the exotic stuff for the whine and cheese crowd :cover:

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Says Roger:

It has to be an ageing ripe Stilton...



With you on this one Roger......


My Problem was One Mans Stilton is an Isaan Girls Durian


I couldn't (and Still Can't) stand the smell of Durian in my kitchen, and she hated the smell of Stilton so both were banned.

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The '90 Beaucastel sounds about right with a good aged Canadian cheddar(not the orangey stuff!)


I am partial to Chaume as well, a littlle stinky but sooo yummy...kind of like gapi, smells bad, tastes great.

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Since I few months I started to eat organic cheese :up:, like Dutch Gouda or Brie. IMHO it tastes much better than all the industrial cheese from the supermarket. By the way this reminds me on Japanese made cheese like Camembert from Hokkaido. The best you could say about this cheese that it looks like cheese, but the taste... :down:

Same could be said about all the industrial made Parmesan cheese (from Kraft e.g.). It is so awful and worlds apart from a fresh grated original Italian Paremsan on top of a nice salad.


Sometimes I go for a soft cheese which has a very mild taste, in this case my favorite is the Italian Paglietta, which looks like a small Brie.


Oh, it is time for breakfast - German style of course with organic bread, cheese, coffee, juice, e.g. (imagine a "yummi graemlin" here)



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Anyone tasted yet the cheese with the3 living worms in it, from Sardinia? It's an illegal cheese, but they make it up in the mountains, I read about it and saw a tv show about it.


Love to taste that one.


Saw some very good cheese mentions on other posts, makes me hungry for cheese again.


PS does anyone know any Thais that like cheese. I know only one!! And no, it's not my wife.

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DarLek loves cheese which I find amazing and very good!


I encourage the cheese eating as its a good example for for the baby JingJoe.


However two interesting things have happened.


The firstwas after leaving Edam cheese with her to eat during the day I came home from work and asked her what she thought of it.


She said the yellow stuff was yummy, but the red stuff was horrible!


The 2nd interesting thing is that on my last O/S trip the lounge had King Island Camenbert cheese - yummy stufff up there with the best for the non aussies!


She opened it while I was at work, when I came home she announced that this was the best cheese she had ever had (expensive tastes :( )


Then she said, "Cutting the white stuff off was very hard"


I told her that on THIS cheese it is ok to eat the outside, but I dont think she beleives me!

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