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Government Targets American Bloggers As Enemy Propagandists


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"...1. You are not American, so you do not understand the situation in the USA. You only get a slanted view that the media gives you..."



Same for us in the USA when you think about it.



"...2. Americans go to work, try to make a living to support themselves and their families.

This is a full time+ activity, that is why millions are not out protesting...."


All the more reason to fight and keep what we work for, I work full time, and I do the protest and rally bit, but frankly, they are the same old boring angry people yelling the same tired crap.


"...Once again, your frame of reference is what you are *** allowed *** to see from the media..."


Again, same here.


"...When you see various people protesting, ie. Korea or France, these are usually students, who do not work full time, who do not have families, who have little to lose, etc...."


One could argue the youth have the most to lose, and thus should be fighting the hardest. I do agree that people my age, my parents age etc, should have fought a lot harder long ago to prevent this shit from happening.


The Average American (who may not have been born here) is too busy worring about his bills etc, but more importantly (and foolishly) they are more absorbed with mindless entertainment like "dancing with the satrs" "Survivor" or "the big game of the week" to really care about how their lives are vbeing flushed down the toilet.


Stupid lazy apathetic people get what they deserve, sadly, they drag the rest of us down with them.


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It seems that we are indeed becoming Amerika.


And then this seeming incongruity, regarding setting aside Lay of Enron fame conviction ...


Legal analysts said Lake's ruling closely hewed to a long-held doctrine called abatement, which allows a conviction to be vacated if defendants die before they are able to exercise their right to appeal. Courts typically rule that defendants' constitutional rights to challenge their convictions outweigh other considerations, and the law hesitates to punish the dead, the analysts said.




So, to recap ...


The living cannot get a trial by peers, a right to hear their charges, confront their accusers, etc.


Dead criminals can have all convictions erased.

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Like anything else, if it serves their interests, yes. They could even run a campagn on it...in fact, they should be doing so now...but hardly a peep...


An odd thing about American voters...they tend to care less about the really important stuff, and concentrate on the dumb shit...example, my adopted sister, (or I am her adopted brother?) Says she will NEVER vote for a candidate that is pro abortion (she is a convert to Catholicism). She didn't like Bush either time, but the opposition favored pro choice.


I asked her how this helps her, as the situation is screwed up here, and banning abortion would not protect her pension, her job from being outsourced off shore, he future, or those of her kids, her health care etc...she said she didn't care. I pointed out to her that abortion is still leagal, and probably will remain so, so she has lost 100% across the board, but of course she doesn't care...sad is, tons more like her or worse...


Guns and gun control is another big issue...take away my health care, my job, my house, my pension etc, but leave my guns alone and I'll be happy...


As the saying goes, people get the government they deserve...or as (I believe) Marx (Karl, or Graucho)put it, "The masses are asses..." The great thing about America is everyone's vote is the same...the bad thing is, we let stupid people vote...even sadder is, many of those eligable never vote...


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Let me sum it up

You lie to me, I call you a liar and that makes me an UNLAWFUL ENEMY COMBATANT????????????


Wow, no he is invincible!!!!!!

Now he is allowed to torture me because I won't stop telling he is a terrorist who staged the 9/11 attacks to get support and justification for 2 wars and more to follow!


Wow!!! That is a fundamental change! Wow!!!

IMO George Walker Bush is asking for some serious trouble! He might consider to borrow the bullet proof car from the poper, I am not sure if there aren't some people who want to play Lee Harvey Oswald!


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When it comes to gun control I'm no longer sure where I stand. Didn't the right to bear arms find it's way into the constitution to enable people to fight against a despotic federal government?


I think the day may be coming when guns will have to be used as intended in the constitution.

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