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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...

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Google is our friend. This is interesting regarding Tumeric and HIV acquisition. Again, obviously the best defense is a condom. I have this concoction I take daily as a tea that includes tumeric (as w

Hi guys, hadnt been posting much this week. I ve had really devastating news.   Dont even know if I should post it,but I thought if it warns even one person about the dangers out the

Most of our politicians are said to have been conceived by anal sex.

Sorry' date=' just noticed, that this post was from 2005. Must have been reanimated after you posted this one.



Not to mention I posted this on the second page and said it was from 2 years ago. There is something to be said for reading a discussion before joining it :smirk:


Bjon, it appears your post on the 2nd page was edited and the reference to the post 2 years ago removed.


I also found it unfortunately ironic that JS opened a post in 2005 asking about the prevalence of HIV only to now report a positive blood test.


JS, my condolences for the bad news, and best wishes for better medical news with subsequent tests.




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When I was on certain ships that were sailing to certain areas...we had to get a series of shots for small pox, anthrax, etc.

Before we could get the shots we had to pass an HIV test as the shots could not be given if you were HIV positive (and you would be removed from the ship).

A little nervous, but came out OK.


Makes you think and take notice!

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You're right JS. I shit myself for a while. Had my first HIV test a little over a year ago, along with a bunch of other tests.


The doctor went through all the tests one by one, telling me that all the results were fine. She never mentioned the AIDS test until I asked. I was beginning to get paranoid, so I asked her... "Oh, she said, of course, that's negative".


I actually let out an audible sigh of relief.


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If you are from the US, it actually is not a good idea to get an HIV test from a regular medical provider because such tests are not confidential with respect to your health insurance, or potential future health insurance, which you certainly would want to line up before you go public, so to speak, with positive HIV status. This only applies to backward places like the US that don't have national public health care. Many public health depts or various agencies in the US offer free anonymous HIV testing which is the way for Americans to go, imo, especially if you don't already have good health insurance in place.

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if you can take the "regular" HIV medicines, they will usually be covered.

If the doctor wants to put you on an experimental medicine, usually not covered. which may mean a death sentence for you unless you have the cash to get the medicine(s).


Also, if you happen to get on with a new insurance, they usually will not cover previous illness, so if you already had HIV, they most likely would not cover you...real nice...NOT :mad:

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That's why anonymous testing is the way to go in the US. If you find out you're positive anonymously, you can hopefully still get new good insurance and then have a regular test whereby the HIV is officially "discovered" and still be covered.


Health care in the US may be advanced but only for those with money or good insurance and good insurance is neither affordable nor easy to come by, except through a good employer. It really sucks for most people, imo.


Edited to add: Also people who are old enough to qualify for Medicare also get pretty good health care in the US. I think generally one has to be 65 to get Medicare.

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