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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...

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I am not sure of the current situation now in the UK but in the late 80's early 90's the "Have you ever had a HIV test?" was a question on Life Assurance and Mortgage (House Loan) application forms.


The fact is having a HIV test is the requirement to obtaining a Visa to many countries especially in the Middle East

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Google is our friend. This is interesting regarding Tumeric and HIV acquisition. Again, obviously the best defense is a condom. I have this concoction I take daily as a tea that includes tumeric (as w

Hi guys, hadnt been posting much this week. I ve had really devastating news.   Dont even know if I should post it,but I thought if it warns even one person about the dangers out the

Most of our politicians are said to have been conceived by anal sex.

Best of Luck Chris.


You've had some good advice as well as lots of good wishes. Well time for some practical advice. As you're in UK you should know, even if you don't need the extra money, that you should consider applying for Disability Living Allowance. It's a non -means tested benefit. When I used to help people apply for this a dozen years or so ago an HIV+ diagnosis guaranteed being eligible for the Care Component of DLA. It may help you in purchasing other things which would benefit your condition. As I said it's non-means tested so you could have a decent income and a wedge in the bank and still get it.


Hope things work out for you.

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Thanks alot for that very practical suggestion Sukhumvit. I will look into that. Just be worried about the confidential side of things...as I dont want any "locals" to know apart from close friends. I ve decided not to tell my folks...so I would be concerned about them knowing I had applied for it...howevere, thanks again, and I m not ruling it out.



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You mention that thailand doesn't yet ask for HIV tests results like the middle east to gain a visa, but what is thailand's status for residency for foreigners?


Does Thailand actual permits HIV positive foreigners to gain residency if they know? Do they even ask? Is there a general policy but no actual enforcement? Do they even want to know or try to find out?


To obtain the health certificate for employment, it is the old take your weight, blood pressure, look at your tongue, ask if you have had any major illnesses in your life and presto...same same with in getting a Thai driver's license so they are really just going through the motions and not a big deal to them since i would assume the prevelance rate amnong these two groups would be approaching 0...


There would be no valid reason to ask about hiv/aids status for the driver's license as it would be the same to TB infection or almost all of diseases, but the US I know if very specific about illnesses that would impair one's driving like elipesy, siezures, fits, loss of consciousness, blackouts, and other specific illnesses effecting one's motor ability or consciouness state...







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With my work permint, I got the test done at a local clinic, and it was pretty much as you mentioned:


"take your weight, blood pressure, look at your tongue, ask if you have had any major illnesses in your life and presto..."


Cost 150 baht. My boss experienced the same for his work permit paperwork.


Take the certificate to the immigration office and no questions asked.


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Well, the form I had to get a doctor to sign for my retirement visa asked about several medical conditions such as drug addiction, leprosy, elephantitis etc., but HIV/Aids wasn't on the list, last time I applied about a year ago.


Got the feeling the form was drafted in the 1800's.

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