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Lord Jim's, seafood and interpol watchlist...


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After getting drunk most evenings of this millenium, I figured out it might be a sound idea to go and enjoy a sober cigar in The Oriental after work, actually always a good bet as it's within walking distance from the office and taxis are a tough bet during rush hour in this area...


On the way to The Oriental had a few more nerve cells work the wrong way and figured out that a dinner was in order before the cigar... hell it was 7pm... headed to lord Jim's which was full last time I'd checked... well, tonight it wasn't... too bad dare I say...


Had a couple of Negronis before ordering dinner so sobriety was already as far off as a threesome with the Virgin Mary and her younger sister on a leather sling...


What to say about the food then ?? Starters came in, decent fish tartar for me, nothing special, than the following starter, a dozen Fine de Claires, most popular french oysters... number 2... never realy thought twice about the numbers in front of Fine de Claires... now I will... got scared we would be arrested on horrendous charges when they brought in the plate.. talk about abusing underage creatures... I've been to Burma and Cambodia before but I didn't even suspect one could put something so small on the market...so far off... well it tasted OK but in a bad taste kind of way... than they brought in some sorbet entremet with a lot of fancy smoke coming fron under the plate... just needed 3 half naked ladyboys and it would have looked perfect...:confused:... than came the main course, some steamed mixed seafood plate. I understand steamed seafood shouldn't be too tasty but that bland ?? Easy to figure out why they worked out so many otherwise useless sauces... that's exactly when I miss going out with cantonese friends who know top quality seafood restaurants and who send back the food if they think, or actually figure out, they are beeing served fresh fish rather than live fish. Not quite the same it seems. Anyway altogether a very average experience with a bill of 10k baht for two without wines, more than our nanny's monthly salary. Reminds one how much it sucks beeing a nanny.


Restaurant is in The Oriental and there was no teachers party so altogether a rather nice experience as usual in this hotel but pass the Lord Jim's if you're dreaming of fine seafood...


On the way out popped in the Cigar shop than smoked a Trinidad Ingenio in the garden's smoking corner to smooth the pain not to be you than back home to piss from the balcony and share this exhilarating experience with my cybermates...


Dullnight, it's all good.

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"somehow I don't think it would be your cup of tea"


Just did a quick google search and didn't find Nyom. I'm not exactly sure of what you mean by "Not your cup of tea" but experience has taught me that the best seafood is not found in the poshest restaurants. Besides I'm getting slightly fed up reading about the nice clubs and restaurants around Thong Lor when i'm consistently overpaying in the same same few places riverside... Thanks for the tip, might check Nyom out if someone can come with more details.

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I've no idea how it is spelt hence you probably wouldn't have any luck on the internet.


By not your cup of tea I was assuming you just liked the fancy pants places and this is the opposite.


Left side of Thonglor coming from Suk, before you get to the green route. If I was more observant I'd know what it was opposite.


Restaurant on two floors, upstairs aircon so never go there, open onto the street with some tables on the street, metal tables, plastic plates, etc, but the food is divine.


Everyone, including us, seems to order the boo pad pong kari (the best you can get anywhere) and the surf clams in curry cream. Loads of other great stuff though. Try it, you won't be dissappointed. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:


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Thanks, yet I must admit that the metal tables are a mood killer...any other recommendation of good seafood restaurant in BKK ?


BTW thought I'd take a couple of mates out to Bo Kung Pao in Ratchada a couple of nights ago and noticed the place has been closed... how many episodes have I missed there??

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