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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

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Plus, you don't have to sneak alcohol into your own home to watch a movie, you can smoke anything you desire and, if you want to be around a bunch of obnoxious assholes, you can just invite your friends over. :)


I saw "Meet the Family" on regular old TV (in other words, edited) last night and LMAO. Hadn't seen it in years and De Niro was great.

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OK then:       Zoe Saldana

I saw The Grey, yes, a very good movie IMHO

Just finished Binge-watching the TV series Vikings. l, ll and lll. The whole thing reeks of good production - Metro Goldwyn Mayer - History Channel et al.   It is apparently based on real life, in p

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Saw 2012 last night, in the cinema on Siam Square opposite Paragon, forget the name. Like BB said, weak story (very weak I thought) but impressive effects come CGI work. Simple escapist entertainment and my fish enjoyed it too. I'm no fan of John Cusak either finding him acting a little too disinterested and bored in many parts I've seen him portray but thought he was good in this.


It was my first time at that particular cinema and after years of multiplex and mega movie show houses it was really nice to be in something more like the size of a "real" cinema, with a really big screen and two tiers of seating. Remember, those days where the cinema had stalls and circle. It was well attended also and in fact I think the whole ambience added an extra star to the whole cinema going experience.


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2012- cross between Poseidon Adventure and Airplane, especially with the multiple "All Star" (B-level) cast and even more double especially with George Segal (can he be taken seriously in anything?). Great effects but... isn't that just expected nowadays, especially for a, what, $300 million dollar film? The girl I was with, at least 5 times, said, "Very lucky". C'mon- crash land in the Himalayas, survive... and then get picked up by some Buddhist monks driving by who just happen to be going where you need to be? Extra credit for John Cusack, an actor I like and nutcase Woody Harrelson, who plays a nutcase with crazy conspiracy theories, who happens to be correct.



Paranormal Activity- slooooow, but still creepy. The unresolved ending had my girl cursing at the screen (Thais like things wrapped up neatly, especially if there's a relationship involved). She didn't want me to turn off the lights that night.Extra credit for making a movie that cost only USD $15,000, but has now grossed over USD $100,000,000!


Ink- absolutely one of the best films I've seen. Strikes at a visceral level that is difficult to put into words. Hits on almost all cylinders: visually, emotionally, acting talent, cinematography. Special effects are simple and crap, but it doesn't even matter. A very simple story line about choices, guilt, greed and relationships that rises high above any single element. Battle between good and evil forces that shape your dreams. The "Pathfinder's" big sequence is like Final Destination with style, purpose and intelligence. Definitely a case of 2+2=40.

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