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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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The Hitler Home Movies 2023

Documentary 39 mins

Once over lightly, little historical account, of Hitler's time in power.

Remarkable for the home movies, now restored and presumably colorised.

Eva Braun was a photographer's assistant when he met her and her hobby of photography and movies enabled this telling and fascinating imagery.

I found this really interesting. Like many, I am too young to know much about this time in history, indeed my parents were born about that time.

Also I thought, that if they ever make, a "Hitler - the movie", that David Brent would be the ideal actor to play Hitler, if he sharpened up his acting skills.

Can't rate this, but I recommend it for knowledge's sake.

And as far as Hitler moustaches go, Hitler's moustache, wasn't a very good one.

And on a related matter, if you like podcasts, listen to Rachel Maddow's "Ultra", to see how close the Nazi's got, to potential power in the USA.

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Rabbit Hole 2023

tv series

I just saw the pilot and it looks to be a very good 8 part series. Donald Sutherland's boy, Kiefer, older now, turns out a very good performance, I'm looking forward to the rest.

Modern day, Spy-ish story, no spoilers...

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Sometimes a B- movie is just so god damn awful, it's enjoyable as an example of it's kind.

you know, like MacDonalds serving it's offerings, in what they call a "restaurant", or as reality notes, a tile floored room with wipe clean, park furniture and a take-out outlet at one end.

Guns of Eden 2022

I think they were taking the piss with this one, particularly when ... groups were being given team names (later in the movie, tiny spoiler)

Four weekend campers are hunted by an armed militia...

Alexandra Faye Sadeghian plays the lead, promising performance, particularly in the chest area.

And if you've always wanted a gatling gun in the back of yer pick up, say no more...

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And in the same vein of "Sometimes a B- movie is just so god damn awful, it's enjoyable as an example of it's kind."

2 Graves in the Desert  2020

This turned out to be so good, IMHO, as to warrant the removal of the B-movie label.

Quite an extraordinary movie, because, but for a precious few scenes, it is shot entirely inside the back of a pick-up (Ute for us down here), with a locked lid. The two people, so detained, giving great performances.

The name stars, Michael Madsen and William Baldwin, (not in the back) are good and I can see why they did this movie, a difficult thing to make, given that "shot entirely inside the back of a pick-up", and a challenging thing, to pull off.

I  enjoyed it a lot.

Well worth a watch



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Revolver  (2005)

Not sure I understood it then and I'm not sure I understand it now.

>> Jason Statham is Jake Green, a criminal recently released from prison after serving a seven year sentence. He is able to win big money at casino card games and he is pitted against Ray Liotta, who plays a mob kingpin who spends a good deal of time surrounded by tanning lights while walking around in his underwear; a very strange sight, indeed. Andre 3000 and Vincent Pastore of Sopranos fame become his underworld mentors as they combine to commit a series of death defying heists. The acting is superb, with solid action scenes from director Guy Ritchie. Unfortunately, the story becomes somewhat convoluted. Stathan, 3000, and Pastore have good chemistry and provide some good funny moments in between the bloody carnage. Liotta is quirky but his usual watchable self and overall, the cast makes Revolver worth the ride. <<

Jason Statham with hair.

Enjoyable - Worth a watch if you can absorb the plot, or what passes for a plot.


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On 3/26/2023 at 9:21 AM, My Penis is hungry said:


Nice to see early trance and dance music get a big profile, plus some obscure European bands, 

Enjoyed this, my fave character was Thilo. Everybody has a Thilo as a friend    ..     don’t they.   …     Hmm.  ..   maybe just me who attracts weirdos.

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Boston Strangler [2023]

Loretta McLaughlin was the reporter who first connected the murders and broke the story of the Boston Strangler. She and Jean Cole challenged the sexism of the early 1960s to report on the city's most notorious serial killer. Drearily slow, a good lead, keeps it together.

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