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A Good Red wine..


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It is 2012. Beaujolais Nouveau is really bad now. It was bad last year also. There were actually stems and leaves in the bottle last year. :surprised: This year, there is a hint of decaying flesh in the taste. :shocked: I may not even try it next year.

real wine drinkers dont drink that shite, its just a hype .....

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Speaking of wine, I made a great discovery on this trip: a place called the Wine Connection, they have three branches: Sukh soi 20 (about 500 m into the soi, on the right); soi 47 (right on Sukhumvit), and soi 26 (haven't been to the last one yet, so not sure how far into the soi it is, but I don't think much).


This place is great: each has a slightly different type of food. Good, and reasonable. All have cheese/meat platters to eat with your wine at around 250 baht. The soi 47 branch has excellent tapas at 90 baht each, plus some great other dishes like a huge braised lamb shank with mashed potatoes and vegetables for around 400.


But the best thing is the wine: a huge selection of whites and reds from around the world, include lots of great choices from Chile, Argentina, Italy, Australia. You go over to where they keep the wine, pick a bottle, open it at your table. Or of course you can take it home, same price.


The best prices are at the soi 20 location: lots of selections in the 500 range, several in the 300+ and 400+ range. And plenty in the 600-2,000 range. The soi 20 location has reasonably-priced (for LOS) glasses of wine too, 100 and 190 for reds, but why do that when you can get a bottle so cheap--and better selection. However, the waitress at soi 20 told us that at the soi 26 branch they have a much larger selection by the glass, if that's your thing. Note that the bottle prices at the soi 47 branch--which has a really nice atmosphere, great vibe, and is usually packed (and has better food than soi 20)--were quite a bit more expensive; I saw nothing there under 750 a bottle. Which is still not bad at all for a decent South American or Aussie wine in LOS!!

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IMHO the original wine Connection was / is in Silon district whiin the parking lot behind coyotes, Starrtbucks and Molly Malones on Soi Convent. it has been there for well over 10 years now.


Oh, wow, didn't know about that one, I'll have to check it out... And I think what you meant was AFAIK, not IMHO ;)

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