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Found a local swimming pool

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For a year now we've been driving past a boring looking house with a sign in Thai, Chang Noi Swimming Pool, just before Baan Chang, half way between Nong Mex and Baan Dung.


Well we finally decided to if it was a swimming pool and turns out it a great spot. Very large pool built by a dutchman.


Though as DarLek said, with only three families here on a hot Sunday, all Farang/Thai, why isn't the sign in English!


Our kids are real water rats, I think many have seen the underwater video's I've done. But living out of Bangkok finding a pool is hard.




Looks like I have a new venue!


60 baht adults, 40 baht kids, very clean togs to rent, no one wanted to wear the wicked weazel bikini's I brought though.


All in all, if your in the Sawang area, great pool to go too, it'll be a regular with us.


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Not sure about swimming naked, though the owner is one hottie to be very honest,


About half way between Nong Mek and Baand Dung


I have GPS but not the car so can't post them :)


All in a very god day. Driving from Nong Mek it's on the left.


Sign in Thai which is DUMB, I told her put it in ENGLICH given everyone there was Farang/Thai families couples.


She said the tax 1800 for a year was too much ARGHHHH




I spent 1400 baht alone, mind you I had a big group that ate a LOT

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About half way between Nong Mek and Baand Dung

I have found a Nong Mek but no Baand Dung. Nearby is Nong Song Hong (southeast), Don Dang (east), Nong That (south) and Phon to the west (all places are relatively south east of Khon Kaen), am I in the right area?


the trouble with thai place names is that there are so many similarly named places and each thai person can spell them differently.

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