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Found a local swimming pool

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Dear Oz,


I live in Nong Mek, district Nong Han, 42kms East of Udon Thani.


From here take road 2096 North, will get you to Ban Dung.


Dear God situate Chang Noi swimming pool at Ban Chang, half way Nong Mek - Ban Dung.


I know a Ban Tat half way on road 2096, not a Ban Chang. There is famous archaeologic site Ban Chiang nearby but not on road 2096 so???


When God travels to Udon I think he takes road 2270 from his hiding place then 2096 South, then 22 West at Nong Mek.


Sawang Daen Din where God knows every bar and discotheque is 35kms East from my place.

(I can confirm God goes drinking there incognito)


God until now has proved not to be very good at locating places on Earth :p


Since I am 10.000 kms away from my lovely will need to wait to last week of May to drive up road 2096 to check God's findings.


I sure will report back then.



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Speaking of my ex young thai gf who use to live off the 2022 near Ban Chai (Udon Thani district) I had asked her once where was a swimming pool nearby where I could go for a swim.


She did, at the time of my request live at Ngam Wong Wan almost opposite the big shopping centre there but could not tell me of a pool nearby. Mind you, she had lived at that address for about 4 years.


Well blow me down, if there was not a swimming pool complex on top of the large shopping centre.


Me thinks you (the OP) did well to find this new swimming paradise.

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To live happily with the Thais one has to blend in you know :)

So don't be too clever on exploring new grounds etc.

LOL mind you it has taken me probably at least 1year+ to realize the mall (ngam wong wan) has a rather large swimming complex at it's roof (upper level) & actually charges are lower than baan nok (~50bt/adults I believe) ;)

I do have another pool closer by though... :neener:

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