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Life takes worrying turn for Abhisit


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Life takes worrying turn for Abhisit

New fears for his safety, even at Government House, writes Anucha Charoenpo


Life is returning to normal for most people in the aftermath of the months-long political unrest, but not for embattled Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.


The 46-year-old prime minister is now surrounded by a throng of security officers every step of the way.


They ask him to try not to appear in public, except on important occasions.


Everywhere he goes, the prime minister must keep himself as far from the crowds as possible.


Mr Abhisit has also been told to avoid travelling to certain provinces, especially strongholds of the red shirt camp in the North and Northeast, for the time being until the situation improves.


A new bullet-proof Land Rover and a vehicle with a jammer to cut off signals that can trigger bombs have been deployed in the prime minister’s 15-vehicle-strong motorcade.


The security beef-up and travel restrictions were made after the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES) said it had received tip-offs that hard-core red shirt protesters and armed groups had gone underground and planned to take the prime minister’s life after the crackdown on the red shirt demonstration on May 19.


‘‘The prime minister faces death threats,’’ acting government spokesman and prime minister’s deputy secretary-general on political affairs Panitan Wattanayagorn said yesterday.


Mr Panitan said he even received a call himself from someone threatening to harm Mr Abhisit.


The rapid deployment force, made of up of experienced officers from the army, the air force, the navy and the Royal Thai Police, has been set up to protect the premier.


The team works with the prime minister’s 30-strong company of private security guards to ensure his utmost safety.


The joint forces’ mission is to conduct a route survey before the arrival of the prime minister’s motorcade.


Officers in the team rush up high buildings nearby and use binoculars to check for any suspicious objects and movements in the area.


If anything threatening happens, the rapid deployment force will call in back-up forces to help contain the situation.


At Government House, a security source said many more soldiers and police had been deployed.


They have been assigned to patrol thoroughly inside and outside Government House around the clock.


Every building inside the compound must be checked to ensure the safety of the prime minister, cabinet members and Government House officials.


Mr Abhisit is not even allowed to walk around inside the 27-rai compound of Government House to prevent possible attack.


He has been asked to use his car to travel from building to building.


Security officers have been stationed at all gates of Government House to prevent strangers and motorists without authorisation from entering.


The security beef-up means soldiers and security officials will have to extend their stay in the city.


‘‘My boss has not yet ordered me to return to the barracks because we have to be ready for the red shirts’ return,’’ said a soldier who asked not to be named.


From Bangkok Post May 28.05.2010



If only half of this is true, I just wonder how the Democrats will run the next elections?


No reconciliation in sight and I guess also no new election this year. The red shirts have only themselves to blame. Idiots!

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Guest lazyphil

so what have you to say to mekongs fact bb? the netherlands is near you ;) ....europe has been (and always has the pontential to be so again, having a euro means jack shit!) the most savage continent on earth, lets not pretend to walk a higher path

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Surely there have been politicians killed in the West. However, most were surprise killings often through some weird minds.


I can't remember that a PM has been threaten by the opposition or some groups close to the opposition in way it happens now to Abhisit.


Definitely I don't want to be in his skin. The other point I wanted to make is that how can there be any election in the near future? The death threats also include Suthep. So #1 and #2 of the Democrat party are unable/unsafe to campaign. Fair elections?

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