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Upcountry Bar Fines - absurd asking price


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Late last week I was strolling down Surin's answer to Walking Street (allbeit a poor cousin!!)


Up until recently we had 3 Go Go's cum Coyote dens....now there are 2

The third one recently re invented itself as The SNOFF Pub...WTF???

When this happened, a few weeks ago, I lost contact with a "little friend" who danced there....had her No. but just hadn't bothered calling.


As I passed one of the many Kareoke joints, I hear my name being called....It was her, dutifully trying to solicit business. Stopped and chatted. She worked overtime batting the eyes, trying to entice me into letting her....sing song you...lol


I personally do not like these places and declined....told her I was meeting friends at one of the Coyote's..


OK...can you pay Bar me & I come with you...wink wink....

I thought about it...and knew that the standard going rate BF in this strip is 700Bt (yeah, I know farrrkn outrageous)...weakened ...and said...sure...why not!!!!


Mamasan comes over....you want pay Bay she?? Yep...OK...


1030 Baht thank you


WTF.... I'm only taking 1...not 4


Yes...1030 baht.....and you get free small botten Legency...OK


No farrrkkn way sweetheart....


Bye....see ya


These monkeys amaze me !!!!


Cheers DS

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.....Mamasan comes over....you want pay Bay she?? Yep...OK...

1030 Baht thank you. Cheers DS


DS...nice to have met you last week at Cent's place.

I, too, was astounded by some of the BF quotes I received on my 2-week motorcycle jaunt around Issan. I declined all offers, becoming a 2-week virgin and being a cheap charlie, I know rates are much cheaper here in Pattaya....except maybe for those who bother going to Walking Street.


Although, I was approached by a gal in a small village who wanted 500-Bt LT. She said her name was Nan, but considering her age it might have been more appropriate for me to call her 'Mom'! ;-)


However, like Bust inferred, one's vehicle may influence prices, and I was on a BMW motorcycle.


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ND: Cheaper?

What? The barfine or the BMW motorcycle?



The sticks? Is it an unknow province of Thailand?

Maybe this is the area where you can find the 'stickman'?



Joking aside, I wonder how much is the barfine for a buffalo?

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Its particularly ludicrous when you consider how cheap it would be for locals in Surin. I know - no comparison in terms of the conditions etc - but its clear that the Farang is still seen as a mystical being with bottomless pockets.


Pattaya has the best barfines in my experience - 300 baht for most girls in beer bars. I spent more than that on lunch most days so I didnt see it as a particularly heavy imposition compared to the prospect of paying for LDs for 3 hours.

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Well - in the villages I know, going rate is get everyone drunk, take your pic of the litter.


Visitors can get lucky, or maybe shell out 1000 baht plus the cost of a short time room, 120-150 baht.


DS should know the bar fine at fairy lights, quality comes and goes,


Over quoting I think is often a sign someone was too generous - not a bad thing at all.

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gobbledonk: Yes but one way or the other locals usually always end up paying less than foreigners

, and this not only in Thailand although in LOS this is more prevalent.


DS is a mystical being and has quite large pockets but greed sometimes sound to me like a synonym of Thai...


Well will see by myself how things are in Surin


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