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Upcountry Bar Fines - absurd asking price


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Well - in the villages I know, going rate is get everyone drunk, take your pic of the litter.


Visitors can get lucky, or maybe shell out 1000 baht plus the cost of a short time room, 120-150 baht.


DS should know the bar fine at fairy lights, quality comes and goes,


Over quoting I think is often a sign someone was too generous - not a bad thing at all.

Or not. He was supposed to have some nice snatch all lined up for me, but I spent the weekend all celibate... :neener:


I've seen the pix of some of his exploits, so some of it is true. The rest? :dunno:


So who knows? Nice resort in SDD for B660 tho'. Too bad the really nice room and bed was wasted LOL!

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I have a very hazy recollection of that night... think I was almost as wasted as my idol....the "Punk"


BUT I am totally pissed off with her, cos the botten of Whit ski she smashed on the road was half full.....errrr or maybe...half empty


and I ended up in the hong nam with the local gay boys...taking care of me.....errrr not in "that" way



I think we had a good night




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