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2 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

There is NEVER, EVER pristine voter rolls. EVER. Voter fraud happens less than times than hit by lightening or Arsenal getting relegated down a division. 

Orange county had several MILLION of invalid voters on the rolls.

The state is suppose to work to keep the voting rolls clean but when you have MILLIONS in the way of dirty rolls, something is wrong!

Why is Judicial Watch doing all the work? the state is mandated to police the voting rolls but clearly, they are not!!!

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Voter fraud. People voting illegally. ALL voter rolls have issues. People die. They are on the voter rolls. People go to jail. They are on the voter rolls. People get married and their last name changes. They are on the voter rolls. People change their name legally..they are on the voter rolls .

Do these people vote? Very, very rarely. 

The GOP is trying to gaslight their constituents and the rest of us that the voter rolls means voter fraud. And it doesn't. 

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This is a public service post for non Americans that may be gaslighted. First, look at the video posted by me and notice there is no rebuttal of it. Second, voter rolls are revised all the time by Democratic administrations of a state as well. It has to be. In a state like NY or California which has millions and millions of people who are dying, moving in there, 17 years olds turning 18  and eligible to vote by the thousands, you end up with a database that becomes unmanageable over the years. It MUST be preened just to be able to manage it.  

The ONLY result of Republican preening of voter rolls has resulted in Democratic voters unable to vote. Thousands show up at the polls who were able to vote without issue prior and are told there is no registration. They are given a provisional ballot that is NOT counted election night. They are ONLY counted if there is a re-count generally. 

It is rare for a person to vote fraudulently, knowingly. That has not been disputed. 

An illegal alien is trying to stay out of any databases, they make it a habit of staying under the radar. I lived in LA for years, the last thing they want is anything that may bring attention to themselves, so why risk exposure because of a great need to vote for Biden? 

Why would an ex con who has lost his right to vote (a debate for another day) risk going back to jail for his great desire to vote for Biden? 

Why would an expat working in America risk their status and risk deportation over some great desire to vote for Biden? 

Exactly. Hence voter fraud is rare. 

When Republicans preen the voter rolls it ALWAYS (no exceptions) in legally registered voters taken off the rolls. I'd love for anyone on here (no names) to furnish proof this hasn't been the case. Also, they NEVER do it bipartisan. Its done when the Republicans have full control such as the Governor and Secretary of State (each state has a Sec'y of State that is responsible for elections). 

Both parties have done underhanded things. The Democratic primaries for example are rigged against any one the party bosses haven't approved of (Sanders for example). So, this isn't a post that Republicans are bad and the Democrats are angels. But when it comes to voter suppression tactics its the Republicans doing it because they are the smaller party in terms of numbers and know that if Democrats vote in numbers they lose. Every time. 

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