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Jimmy Carter wasn't a bad President. The right has tried (and successfully) rewrite his term in office. The one big mistake he did was not removing the embassy staff in time. The Shah was installed by America (and the Brits) and so he felt (rightfully so) an obligation to receive the Shah. 

People try to blame him for a bad economy he inherited rather than he started. America was economically in trouble since the early 70s. It started under Johnson in the mid 60s. The stock market high was in the mid 60s and didn't see a new high until the early to mid 80s. The person most responsible for the 80s recovery was Fed Chair Paul Volcker who cut interest rates massively which led the 1% money back to stocks, which gave companies a huge cash infusion. Volcker was a Carter appointment that Reagan got credit for. Reagan tax cuts heated up an already recovering economy on its own. Too much in fact which led to the 1987 crash. 

Carter's engineering of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt was historical and transformative. It pre-empted any further multi lateral invasions of Israel. Egypt at the time was by far the biggest of the protagonists. And to be fair, the elder Bush wasn't fully responsible for the recession he endured as well. The overall economy was going through a normal retraction after close to a decade of over exuberance and it coincided with Japan's economy going into a still present lack of growth. 

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For the Trump haters...

You deserve what you get...  
Joe Biden has a long history of short changing retirees.

It started in 1983, when he voted to slap income taxes on 50% of Social Security income, income that had previously been tax-free.

In 1994, he voted to up the amount of Social Security benefits subject to taxation, to 85%.

In 2000, he turned his attention to estate taxes, voting AGAINST the Estate Tax Elimination Act that would have phased out certain estate taxes by 2010.

Now, he wants to raise over $3.3 TRILLION in taxes... 

And he’s got his eye on YOUR nest eggs…

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There are a surprising (not to me but the media) number of military vets among the Capital building terrorists. I've posted a few times of links that the military is worried about the number of white supremacist people among the ranks. I have older brothers who are vets, 2 served in wars as well as several cousins. My brother laughed. The kind of laugh of stating the obvious. 

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