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My word what an absolute moron. She's not just stupid as fuck, she's going to be voting and making decisions that affect us all. God save us. Her district, must be one big cluster fuck of idiots. No joke. If this is the best they can come up with, fuck them. Similar to King, the white supremacist in Iowa's seventh district that the GOP knew for a long time he was a racist prick but didn't do anything about until there is no choice. 

The Dems, as bad as they are do address bad behavior (Al Franken for example, who in hindsight should not have resigned). What makes her even worse she's hateful. She is the worst kind of 'karen'. What's with the GOP and dumb ass women (Palin anyone?). 

Biden wasn't even close to being my pick for President but he's at least being presidential. I don't want to ever, ever hear anything about AOC's intelligence EVER from a Republican. LOL


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1 hour ago, buffalo_bill said:

I am not a Biden voter but happy. Since it comes from you I could swear it is total shit.

....and we are supposed to wish for Trump's return? My god...really? It's almost like saying "see what you have now?" to the guy who took over after Mussolini. The one thing I think Biden is stupid about and utterly so is thinking he can 'unify' the people who are hard core right and hard core Trump supporters. Just lead and be a president. Fuck wasting time trying to send olive branches. 

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