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Not Everyone Has a Vote in the World’s Largest Democracy


If you control voter registration you are manipulating he vote

Every single VOTER has an ID, but not every single person ELIGABLE to vote. At least in India all requirements for voter ID are free.

In the USA it would be a requirement to have “Official Government ID” many people cannot afford such, and these people are not Republican voters. 
So the USA would be, you can have a voter ID if you can afford it, is that democracy? 
There is nothing wrong with voter ID as long as issued free on a level playing field and not as a way to manipulate votes by weeding out the poorer members of society.

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That is all he offers and that is not close to enough...

...words from a 68 page ruling that excoriates Trump's efforts to hide from and slow walk documents for, the Congress investigation into his attempted insurrection.

Appeals court rules against Trump in fight over Jan. 6 committee documents request

Appeals Court Rejects Trump’s Bid to Shield Material From Jan. 6 Inquiry

I'll leave you with a few choice phrases from the end of the ruling:


...essential to the rule of law is the principle that a former President must meet the same legal standards for obtaining preliminary injunctive relief as everyone else. And former President Trump has failed that task.


The problem for Mr. Trump is not that the Constitution affords him no say in the matter. It is his failure to make any relevant showing of a supervening interest in confidentiality that might be capable of overcoming President Biden’s considered and weighty judgment that Congress’s imperative need warrants the disclosure of these documents specifically tied to the investigation of the events of January 6th.


Former President Trump has given this court no legal reason to cast aside President Biden’s assessment of the Executive Branch interests at stake, or to create a separation of powers conflict that the Political Branches have avoided.

The judgment of the district court denying a preliminary injunction is affirmed.

So ordered.






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it is impossible in America to walk up to a voter booth and vote without some documentation saying you can do so. A tourist for example can not walk to a voting booth and in even the most liberal areas and vote. 

The issue is WHAT Id is acceptable and what isn't. The narrative that people can vote without ID is false. What is happening is that the government is NOT accepting prior forms of ID. There were people in certain cities such as NY, Philly who have never had a driver's license. I didn't have one until I was 23. I grew up in a city that the subway, busses and trolleys was how even middle class people got to work. I had other forms of ID when I needed to verify myself. In some states the elderly showed their Medicaid card to vote. You can't get the card unless the government knows exactly who you are. The process to get a Medicaid card is far more stringent than getting a driver's license. Many more forms, etc. So, in essence, your Medicard card used to vote is actually tougher to get and a much better verifier of who you are than a driver's license. And there are people like my parents in their 80s who can no longer drive and can not get a driver's license. 

Also, the issue is that when the laws change on what is acceptable, and even though those with old ways have NEVER had an issue of voting fraud, these people aren't grandfathered in. There are millions who are elderly, impaired, whatever, and either they have difficulty getting the new requirement or the the state makes it difficult to get the new ID. 

Such as the  the Republican run state of Alabama requiring driver's license and then removing department of motor vehicles offices from Democratic counties.

We grandfather in many things. There is one undisputable fact. The new requirements ALWAYS result in less people being able to vote, so why not either create the IDs for them and give it to them the next time they vote or grandfather them in? There is no history of wide voting fraud. 

And if we are honest, these changes are done to reduce the number of people who will vote. Money is spent to solve a non existing problem which attests to it being disengenuous. 

The states could enact bio-scan, or any other thing. 

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