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Natasha Richardson dies aged 45



British actress Natasha Richardson has died from head injuries sustained in a skiing accident in Canada.


Richardson, 45, the daughter of actress Vanessa Redgrave, fell on a beginners' slope at the Mont Tremblant resort in Quebec on Monday.





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Westboro Baptist Church pastor Fred Phelps Sr. died late Wednesday night, WIBW reports:


"Timothy Phelps, son of former Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps, told WIBW that his father died before midnight."


Phelps had been reported "on the edge of death" by his estranged son Nate earlier this week. Reports subsequently emerged that the "God Hates Fags" pastor had been excommunicated after an internal power struggle at Westboro in which a board of elders - Steve Drain, Timothy Phelps, Jonathan Phelps, Samuel Phelps-Roper, Charles Hockenbarger and Fred Phelps Jr - also took down Shirley Phelps Roper from a position of authority.


Following the news that Phelps was near death, Lucien Greaves, the leader of the New York-based Satanic Temple, promised to hold a "pink mass" over Phelps' graves and turn him posthumously gay.




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James Rebhorn. :rip:


"D.A. Hoyt:

Uh huh. You know what that means. This whole place is going to be swarming with media by the time this thing is over. You're not going to be able to find a hotel room in this town. The whole country is going to be watching us. Now we got to do whatever it takes to win it, no matter what the cost. The big issue in this trial is going to be character."

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Widow of Errol Flynn dies in Jamaica at age 87




KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — Patrice Wymore Flynn, a Hollywood actress and cattle rancher who was the widow of swashbuckling screen legend Errol Flynn, has died at her seaside home in northeastern Jamaica. She was 87.




On Monday, family spokesman Robb Callahan said Wymore Flynn died Saturday at her roughly 2,000-acre (800-hectare) ranch in Jamaica's lush Portland parish after battling pulmonary disease for a year.

The Kansas-born actress began her theatrical career in musicals, making her Broadway debut in 1948 in the production "Hold It!" She was soon signed by Warner Bros. as a starlet and headed to Hollywood...

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James R. Schlesinger, Willful Aide to Three Presidents, Is Dead at 85


James R. Schlesinger, a tough Cold War strategist who served as secretary of defense under Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford and became the nation’s first secretary of energy under President Jimmy Carter, died on Thursday in Baltimore. He was 85.


A brilliant, often abrasive Harvard-educated economist, Mr. Schlesinger went to Washington in 1969 as an obscure White House budget official. Over the next decade he became chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, director of Central Intelligence, a cabinet officer for three presidents (two of whom fired him), a thorn to congressional leaders and a controversial national public figure.





Quite a resume: Secretary of Defense, Director of the CIA, Chairman Atomic Energy Commission. I remember him for two things:


1. He was the Secretary of Defense when I memorized my first military Chain of Command in 1974 (way, way deep into the recitation)


2. He was the driving force and main proponent for developing both the A-10 Warthog Thunderbolt, and also the F-16. As a grunt, those were guardian angels to be cherished when available.








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