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Guys Ashamed of Admitting They Married a BG

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I'm pretty new here, but I wonder if the same sense of shame would apply to those who marry upscale massage parlor girls. Like, if someone aksed me where I met my wife and I said "Oh, she was working at the Nataree" would this be a badge of honor?




There is a pecking order in the "entertainment" trade, and for some reason MP girls are higher than BGs. It was suggested that maybe it's because they don't have to dance naked before customers, but in reality an MP gal has to sleep with anyone who plunks down the money. BGs (unless they have a really evil mamasan) can say no. The Soi 31 girls consider themselves above the BGs too, though the main difference seems to be that they are better dressed. (Maybe that's it ... they are dressed!)






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what happened to my post to redbarons?....both gone!!


Yeah, mine disappeared as well, thought I was going batty for a while.. Was basically in response to:


i think its nobodys business what somebodys thai wife did before their marraige to a farang, it says more about the person fishing for ammo to attack, sneer and mock than the girl in question. imo.


if someone's lucky enough to find happiness, good luck to 'em I reckon.


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"what happened to my post to redbarons?....both gone!! "


When where they made? Seems some other posts have disappeared as well. Spoke to Jigger yesterday morning and he mentioned having to reset the server a little earlier. Wonder if that dropped a few posts :(




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