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After watching, listening, and reading for two weeks, I have reached the following conclusions about the potential for Bangkok to flood:   1. Bangkok is a shallow bowl. It has flood-walls to isola

http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2011/10/worst-flooding-in-decades-swamps-thailand/100168/   Some very good photos of the floods here.   I especially like no. 32 and no. 35.

One does not need to imagine the water pressure it is a basic calculation.   1. The Permanent Road / Dykes are designed to carry heavy vehicles, with 3 Meter sandbag walls on top the maximum force a

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Thanks...I appreciate the links to the maps of flooding and especially Flashermacs link to the pix.

One must feel both sorry and helpless for the untold thousands which have been affected!


Naturally, it's now dry as can be in Pattaya

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Got a SITREP from a friend whose Mrs is from Nakhorn Sawan. I knew the floods had broken through and inundated the entire city, but she said in some places it is over 2 meters deep. Her family was earlier evacuated to one building, but has now had to move to another on higher ground.









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