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Bizarre Thailand By Jim Algie


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Saw this book reviewed in the Bangkok post three weeks ago ..got a copy from Asia books ..595 thb..paper back 330 pages

This book goes over as the title indicates ..the Bizarre things of Thailand.....a few black and white photos in the book and none to excite anyone :neener:


There is a chapter on Pattaya and the scene there ( Vegas or Vice) ..also goes behind the scenes of the Bangkok Hilton prison ....beheading was outlawed in 1932 and machine gunning was the way to execute the baddies(tied their hands and placed a white screen in front of them...a doctor would draw a target on the screen for the gunner to aim at...by the look of the photo he is only a few feet away) until 2003 when lethal injection was introduced...

Some interesting things from the Songkran Niyomsane forensic medicine museum.....the preserved corpse of Thailand's most famous cannibal is on display...A Chinese man they say ate at least eight children..



Over all an interesting book ...something to pick up and choose a chapter anytime ...well put together as well.


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I think they still shoot them in Indonesia. Gotta say I'd prefer death over decades in an Asian jail, but I may not feel that way when they come for me. I did see two Thai guys on a doco being taken into the execution chamber after their last meal and a few minutes with a monk - not a whole lot of smiling but it didnt have the same ghoulish aspect as Ted Bundy's execution. Ted had it coming, but that mob outside the jail was just as scary in their own perverse way.

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