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Anyone Remember The Good Old Days?


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Dark, very dark, fuck I can remember, or not remember, fucking a girl in a very big refrigerator box behind a bar at the corner of Asoke and Suk, remember those seedy bars! Bowl of soapy water to wash and a battery powered lamp for light, rat hole and a fan for air. Was rather interesting experience.


hahaha!!! Here you go, my contribution This was one of those bars! Guy that ran it was a Marine. It's funny you mention it too, as I pulled this shirt out of a box iot had been in for 10+ years just the other day.


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My first trip to Bangkok was on a business trip over 20 years ago where we were supplied with a driver who took

us (my associate and myself from the US) to dine at a fancy "no-hands" restaurant accomplained by the head

of the local office.


At the no-hands restaurant, I saw the most attractive hostess who was so popular that she

went from room to room due to high demand from customers. At that time, I stayed at the Intercontinental hotel which

has been since moved to new digs.


Later that evening, we were brought to a massage palor. I believe the going rate at the time for full service was 500 baht which was on the high side because many massage palor's rates were lower.


I bet a number of readers can guess the time period by the massage palor rate.


To say my first experience in Bangkok was memorable is an understatement!



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