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What Is Going On In Bangkok Nightlife?


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Some questions at the beginning:


What is going on in Bangkok nightlife?

Why is this board dead concerning nightlife in Bkk?

What is happening around NEP?


We are right in the middle of high season and nothing happens in the section „nightlife“; and:


* Nobody is posting. None is telling new stories.

* Nobody reports about his latest experiences from NEP and Soi Cowboy.

* No one asks questions about freelancers and their prices and attitude.


This board seems to be dead and so is NEP?


What about the girls? Prices? Attitude?

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For me to travel in to BKK and have a fun night out, is not possible as I would take the minivan to

Victory Monument but with all the protesters camping out in that area, naaah, I'm taking a pass.


Next option is to drive to BKK which is possible as I can park around On Nut and take a taxi to the

fun areas...hmmmm, may be a plan for the weekend....

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I think that the relatively small number of frequent posters who still populate this board are mostly people who have lived in Thailand longer than ten years - and once you've been here that long, most of the "in your face" sex trade is no longer of much interest. Plus - the costs are WAY up, and the attitudes/attractiveness of the girls substantially down - to the point where it isn't worth the effort in most cases.


I haven't barfined a girl in probably six or seven years - and probably never will again. But - I'm still glad that Cowboy and Nana exist - and i do occasionally stop in - mostly to reminisce about days gone by.


In "the good old days" most go-go bars were stand-alone operations, who succeeded or failed based on their merits - and where managers and mamasans had almost total leeway to do whatever they thought was best. Think - a small, custom sandwich deli or pizza parlor that would make individual creations to the customer's order. But - nowadays - the go-gos are mostly "franchises" owned by a few big players - who standardize everything according to some plan - and it is boring and repetitive - as per McDonalds or Pizza Hut. What;'s to write about?


"Yeah, I went into the McD's at Ploenchit Center. I had my 600th Big Mac. It was pretty much like the last 300 that I had - and indistinguishable from the one I had last week at Onnut McDonalds"


Who's going to bother writing - or reading - that report?






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i concur with StoneSoup


After more than 10 years here, well more like 20 plus in my case, one does tend to get jaded and gravitate away from the nightlife.


I could post about good restaurants my wife and I went to, or I could post about life in Vietnam but it it would bore people shitless, we grow up and we move on, I did the bars back in the mid 90's but now it is nearly 20 years on, my kids have gone from shit happy crappy fill the nappy (diapers to my American friends) into young Adults with their own lives and careers, still bank at the Bank of Daddy haha.


The majority of core BM's are similar to myself, we live in Thailand and have life away from the nightlife scene, if you want to understand life in Thailand read my http://t2.thai360.com/index.php?/topic/56015-let-battle-commence/page__hl__%2Bbattle+%2Bcommence thread,




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Off course there is always fun to be had. The looks of the girls in the bars is ok. It is just not that many girls in the bars anymore it seems. I have been going out a few times in the past weeks. Much more than in the past 6 years. If you speak Thai the attitude of the girls is still good is my opinion. The mamasans are mercenary they actually stare you away if you refuse to buy them a drink.

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I never cared for the 'in your face' nature of cowboy either. I mean yah, it's fun as a spectacle/carnival type atmosphere - but the overt merc style didn't exactly pull me in. I much prefer the joints on soi 11 like... levels, oskar bar, and even climax (the seediest of them all). Because the ladies were much more attractive and NOT in your face with the used car salesman type pitch. Many had day jobs and were just curious (yeah people here will tell you otherwise but I lost count of the hotel and salon workers I met in the evening - and saw again during the day when they asked me to stop by their work to grab lunch). Hell, one even came out and yelled across the street to me, from her restaurant, as I had my last lunch with KS before heading back home (though I didn't recognize her at the time).


There's a place for areas like Cowboy and Nana, and they can be fun - to a point. But, yeah. Sometimes a little more subtle than standing outside and yelling at every other dude and yanking them by the arm is more efficient.


And I laugh when I go with my friends to Baccarra and girls start bragging to me about how many guys follow them on facebook and how much they get. "oh really?" Cool, good for you. See ya next time. ;)


Anyway - it's all moot. Nightlife will always be there in some form or another, with all it's inherent beauty and ugliness and fantasy and reality. It does make life more interesting.... I guess.



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