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American Military Everywhere


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:grinyes: Waeth :hubbahubba:


The US its continuing its International defense of hegemony and world rule. :shakehead

But fiscal imprudence,massive debt through money printing,hubris and corruption

are changing the status and playing field. Russia and China IE the brics are setting up

alternate trade policies outside of the US $.. the dollar chart USDX is in a long term decline.

Currently the privately owned "FED", wall street bankers and US law malers are desperately

pulling the levers behind the curtain. The Ponzi scheme will crash. When? No idea :dunno:

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yes, US is a debtor country but you wouldn't know it from their military spending. I think that US should treat Russia and China not as advisories but seek their co-operation in areas where there is mutual benefit.


Certainly, US foreign policy on Ukraine favoring its tilt towards the West resulted in the loss of Crimea but you wouldn't know it from the government's spin. Economic sanctions caused Russia to back down from eastern Ukraine.


Regarding China, Obama's pivot to Asia also resulted in establishing a new military base in Australia. But from that location, I am not sure if China feels threathened. Also, bringing charging against Chinese military personnel for hacking is a novel idea versus charging China or its military of hacking.

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With American military in over 164 countries is this really necessary. Is it the USA's job to police the world, or is it interference of one nation over another. Would it not be better for them to concentrate on their own affairs or is it to create distractions for the masses to have a common enemy somewhere at all times.



The Americans built (or paid to be built) much of the infrastructure of large parts of Thailand in the 1960's. Airports, paved roads, phone and electricity - and on and on. Take a ride down to Sattahip. All of that area was built/improved by the Americans.


A word of thanks might be in order.

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I'm sure no one dispute's that at all, but wasn't it also because America wanted a base in Thailand to fight North Vietnam, this is all way back in your history and a little bit before my time. This is a part of history that younger people don't want to happen again, I mean wars of any kind. Millions of brave people throughout history have died on all sides in war. Some not even knowing the true reasons why except their political leaders told them it was the correct thing to do, fight and kill.


I believe in the defence of ones own country of course, I can understand that that the China Sea is important to everyone, maybe all the political leaders should all be locked up in a room together for a few weeks to sort it all out, why don't they do just that. Anyway my original point was it could be sorted with talks on all sides and the money America spends on defence should be used in the defence around their own country and people and infrastructure first.


Anyway that's my point, if you disagree, that's fine

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You have dropped your mask, please do not try to put it on again.


You are one of those people on the net that:

*Ask a question claiming they do not understand.

*But in reality already know the answer in their mind.

*Then after someone falls for the bait you will have a heavy discussion.


This is borderline trolling.



We have known that for a while.

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Missy, you appear to subscribe to the very common "stand-alone war" model of the Vietnam Conflict.


That model, while very convenient for the people who want to push the idea that the United States "lost" in Vietnam, is not even close to accurate.


Vietnam was three, three, THREE wars in one! (to echo a very old TV commercial).


First, it was an indigenous revolt, by the Viet Cong, against a government that they viewed as being thoroughly corrupt. That war ended with the utterly disastrous 1968 Tet Offensive, that destroyed the Viet Cong. (The VC were on their last legs by then. Someone got the bright idea of going all out, throwing ALL of the kitchen sinks into the party, in the hopes that they would convince the South Vietnamese government and the US that the war could not be won, and they would give up the fight. It didn't work. ARVN and USA took everything the VC could throw at them, said "That's all you got? Now it's OUR turn at bat!" and the rest is history.


Second, it was a conventional land-grab war that had been flaring up on and off for about three thousand years, that normally fought itself to a standstill at right about the DMZ. This was how, and why, the North Vietnamese Army got involved. The VC asked for help, and Hanoi saw the opportunity to let the VC (from the South) soften up the ARVN and take all the early casualties. Post-Tet, only the NVA was still fighting on the North side.


Third, and most important, Vietnam was an absolutely critical campaign of attrition in the Seventy Years War between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States of America. The Soviet Union lost that campaign, horribly. The People's Republic of China was also involved, and they bled almost as badly as the USSR did.


Finally, as to the "US lost" claim: In 1972, the NVA, backstopped by the USSR and the PRC assembled one of the biggest mechanized armies ever seen on Planet Earth, bigger than Hitler's Wehrmacht ever fielded, and set it south. ARVN, with US air support, but essentially no US ground involvement, cut it to ribbons.


Two years later, it having taken that long for them to lick their wounds and get their courage up, the NVA tried again. This time, with Nixon facing impeachment over Watergate, and Democrat control of Congress, the US Congress betrayed South Vietnam, withheld air cover, and voted ten rounds and one hand grenade for each South Vietnamese soldier. South Vietnam, having no hope, duly fell to the invaders.

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