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Are Americans Really The Worst? 5 Other Countries Whose Tourists Make Us Look Good


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Sooooo, the USA isn't number in this...guess we have to try harder :dunno:


Are Americans Really the Worst? 5 Other Countries Whose Tourists Make Us Look Good




We’ve all heard it before. “The Ugly American.†The clueless ding-dong who travels to other countries doing the following: talking too loudly, complaining about everything (especially cigarette smoke and the lack of decaffeinated coffee), bringing their own peanut butter to live on lest the local food poison them, wearing funny-looking clothes, and ignoring the personal space of everyone around them...


1. The Russians

Armed with rigid self-confidence and a boatload of rubles, traveling Russians just don’t give a damn...


2. The Chinese

Chinese tourists’ behavior is so bad, even their own government has commented on it.

Vice Premier Wang Yang has criticized the “uncivilized behavior†of certain Chinese tourists, saying, “They make a terrible racket in public places, scrawl their names on tourist sites, ignore red lights when crossing the road, and spit everywhere. This damages our national image and has a terrible effect.â€...


3. The Germans (this was a surprise for me :dunno)

It’s almost not their fault that some German travelers can’t seem to chill out — almost. Germans love rules. They also like to do things their way, and they want to do them speedily and do them now....


4. The British

Ever since the sun set on the British Empire, the subjects of the queen have been going out, trying to recapture the glory. They show up in former colonies, pale (not their fault — the sun never shines in the U.K.) and ready to rock.


Many get drunk, some even get belligerent, and a few undress. When they get arrested for bad behavior — like having sex on the beach in Dubai or dressing up as naughty nuns in Greece — they are incredulous. In 2012, according to a British Foreign Office study, more than 6,000 Brits ended up behind bars on holiday, often because of crimes fueled by alcohol. The study also showed that as many as 10 Brits a day ended up in the hospital on vacation....


5. The Saudis

You probably won’t run into a Saudi outside of the Middle East unless you are in a quite swanky location like New York City, St. Bart’s, St. Tropez, Aspen, Gstaad, Monaco, or … well, you get the point. Though Saudis don’t make most worst-tourists lists, they are certainly making a case for themselves...


many hold diplomatic passports, which can allow them to get away with unacceptable tourist behavior: If they do something bad like driving drunk or murdering someone, they often expect to get away with it. Sometimes they do.


Incidentally, even Saudis themselves seem not to love Saudi tourists. In fact, many deliberately avoid vacationing where they’ll run into their fellow countrymen, according to some travel agencies. Complaints include Saudis’ not respecting the laws of the country they are visiting and engaging in generally disruptive behavior...

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