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Queens Park Plaza


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Washington Square does not exist any more. It was a fantastic location for day time fun.

Washington Square was between Soi 22 and soi 24, Sukhumvit.



The Queen's Park Plaza has replaced the WS as a place for day time fun.

QPP must be somewhere along Soi 22, I think.

Where is it situated and which bars are there?



Names of the bars, prices for beverages, girls, barfines, attitude of the girls etc.

What kind of male guests operate in these bars?

Are these bars recommended?


Many thanks in advance.

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Come out of the old Washington Square on to Soi 22, walk straight ahead.




Down Under

Olive Oil


Many more


Moonshine has the cheapest beer, Heineken draft, 70 Baht or so.


The ladies at Moonshine, errrrrr, have nice personalities.


There are some quite nice ladies sprinkled about in the other bars.


I haven't done recon there is some months, so a bit outdated, but something to get you started.


As always, YMMV :dunno:

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I am quite surprised. QPP seems to be a nice place for day time fun.

Look here (google streetview):




I am looking forward to see the bars and the girls of QPP … and my beloved Singha beer.


I am counting the days … round about 40 days.

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Come out of the old Washington Square on to Soi 22, walk straight ahead.


And you'll end up in the lobby of the Regency Park hotel! :neener:


Walk out of WS onto Soi 22, turn left and it's about 20-30 metres on the right hand side.


A lot of the former WS patrons now drink in Bundys, which is on the left side of QPP, and is owned by Bundy (Ray) who is also a former WS patron.

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yeah good info. Yes, I know.

Once again, look here (google streetview):





I hope that I can meet there some good old – who do you say in English? - „buddies“ of the old and gone Washington Square.


* Painter Mr. Richard Diran - diranart.com

An interesting guy.


* Author Christopher C. Moore; Author of the Calvino crime series and author of the book:

"A killing smile". That was the „bible“ of many local expats in the nineties of last century.

I met Mr. Moore in Deutschland when he was awarded the German Thriller Prize – or how that is called in English.

That was in 2005 or so. I cannot remember.


* Mr Dean Barrett, an interesting guy


* Mr. Flashermac, OG, on this board, can speak some words in deutsch hahahaha

* Khun Taffy – landlord of the “New Square One Pub†and the best guest - the best customer – of his own bar.


* Well, Mr Kurt Francis, the voice of Bangkok, the master of the „squaronians“ of Washington Square. He checked out at the right time. A very big loss! An irreplaceable loss!

But his spirit will always be there! I am sure.


* Stickman, alias P*** O***. I met him together with Khun Sanuk at Nana Plaza and Stickman and I made some barhopping after our meeting, after our conversation.


* Khun Sanuk alias M., the good old Dutch guy.


* Maybe Mr. LoculYokul, active poster on various boards. I never met him, I don't know him personally. Perhaps I am lucky and meet him.


* Maybe Mr. Munchmaster, active poster on various boards. I never met him, I don't know him personally. Perhaps I am lucky and meet him.


! Perhaps all the other guys of this board !



I just bought the ticket. I enter Suvarnabhumi on Monday 24. November 2014 15:15 local time.


Greetings from Deutschland.


Nasiadai alias Bakwahn

Hamburg Bangkok Düsseldorf

formaly PC-Support and Networkadministration

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Sorry people have moved on.


Kurt passed away about one year ago.


Stick and Chris Moore, I have never seen them in QPP.


Richard often comes in to Moonshine.


Flash and KS, maybe never or seldom in QPP.


I did a bar crawl with Dean a few years back.


Just not the same as when Wa Sq was up and running.

Taffy's is out of the Sq and down the next Soi at his "Taffy Towers".


Maybe we could arrange a meet up at the No Name Bar :dunno:

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are you a local expat? Living and working in Bangkok?


Oh, I get envy.


Well, right now I am in a very good mood, almost in a euphoric mood.


I just have bought the ticket, my Thai friends and their families are informed, they are aware of my arrival.

They are Colonels of the Thai military; I know them of the „Leadership Academy of the German Bundeswehr“ here in Hamburg.

It is like „Westpoint Academy“. They made here a nine-month course „General Staff Officer Course“ - sorry, don't know the correct English – American – term.

With these Thai guys is a good sport. And they speak German!!! My language!


But I forgot one very important and sad thing:

My physical disability after the stroke. My right half of the body is affected by paralysis. Now I can no longer go to the girls.

Now I am a special case. Well, this time I am not the sanuk and fun-seeking boy.

I come as a melancholy observer of the scene, who himself can no longer actively take part in the sanuk, in the fun.


Stay tuned

more to come

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