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Some Thoughts About This And Other Siam-Boards


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cav boy your killing me tonite :D

every single post you include the military as if they are seen as some kind of goddess or higher beings that will take every little effort out of everybodys pathetic little life especially the aliens that is whiny old farangs on this very board. cumon u can do better pls! :hubbahubba:


now on topic surely the TAXIS are NOT the reason of any decline since they haven't uped their (meter) prices since like forever or at least not the 35bt flagfall!

its normal that party people are too drunk/lazy/pathetic/careless to mind an inflated non meter fare at the end of the night having surely spent freely on booze & women or about to spend a fortune on fucking a ho after reaching their pad, so what tiny difference does 87bt vs. 200bt make?

99/100 loso thais at RCA 2am are more than willing to pay even 300bt fixed mafia fee to avoid walking 10m or wait 3s longer :D:hug:

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All sorts of social media now.

Many I know don't even use a desktop or laptop.

Just "pads" or cell phones.


As I stated in another post, the average number of times people check their smartphones is 150 per day. Amazing.


This board works very well from a smart phone.

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Back to my topic:


I enjoyed the gogo bars and the girls of Nana Plaza. It was so different from my experiences at home in German discos, summer parties, birthday parties and other celebrations and locations where you can meet girls and women. It was amazing: I entered a bar and two minutes later I had a beautiful girl in my arms, dressed in a bikini only, my hands exploring her body, my lips kissing her sweet mouth, enjoying her emotions, her cheerfulness, her smile. An affect-cocktail of overpowering, of high spirits and intense sense of pleasure started shivering through my mind.

I am still fascinated by the girls-scene on lower Sukumvhit, although I am an aging boy today.


The Nana Plaza has been my centre of the universe for many years.


At home in Farlang land I was dreaming of it. It was my paradise, my heaven, it was my wonderful enchanted garden.


I remember bars like Sexy Nights, DC-10, Spider’s Web, Hogs Breath, Farlang Connection etc.;

they were relatively small, a little bit shabby, but beverages and lady drinks, barfines and the girls were cheap!

The atmosphere was great and the girls willing, friendly with smooth and warm-hearted attitude!



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What is the cause of Nana Plaza's disenchantment?


It's stupid! It's the price.

More precisely, it is the exorbitant price increase!


The fun factor has steadily decreased over the last couple of years. The prices for beverages and barfines have jumped up, went through the roof; the girls want more and more money for ST and LT (some stunners want even moon prices); girls aggressively asking for ladydrinks and all became harshly commercial.

We all know that the girls and the bar owners want to make money, but when it gets too expensive and high pressured, well, that takes away the illusion that makes the bars fun.


Closing statement, wrap-up:

For about some years we are witnesses of the unstoppable swansong, the doom, the Goetterdaemmerung – the twilight of the P4P scene, the bar and sanuk scene.

Sanuk is no longer affordable for many of us western guys.


Any further proofs? Look at this board: it is dead. Other Bangkok boards are dead, too!

Where is the generation of sanukers that has followed us?

Where are the guys who are now - let us say - 28 - 50 years?

It would have to be hundreds or thousands of them that discuss here and exchange ideas.

But there is only a small handful.


The times they are a-changing!



- Prices in bars and for the girls, as well as in the whole sanuk scene went up to a level many of the normal average farlang sanukers cannot pay any more.


- Girls get more and more professionalized! Attitude of the girls changed more and more into a professionalized disposition (an affected coldness) we all know from our western girls.



I stop here. Kassandra - the one, telling the bad and sad news – is not loved.

Previously, the bearer of bad news were beheaded.



Counting the days … 26 days and the rest of today



Hamburg Duesseldorf Bangkok

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"It's stupid! It's the price.

More precisely, it is the exorbitant price increase!"



When it all started years ago, drink prices suddenly went up by about 50%. When we complained, the head of the Crown Group said to us, "Do you know how much that drink would cost you in England?" My English companion replied, "We are NOT in England and we do not get paid English salaries!" Basically, the bars were saying they didn't want the expats. I have seldom been anywhere near Nana since then because of that.

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The Magic is gone.


We western guys come from societies which are characterized by rationalization and intellectualization.

Science and technology are the driving and defining forces; our world is characterised by a certain ‘disenchantment of the world.’

The logic of thinking, feeling and behavior of the people in our Western societies correspond to this rationality. We correspond to this disenchanted world.


The world of Nana Plaza was completely different. It was a realm of mystic and magic.

Here we found the ultimate and most sublime values and personal human relations.


The girls of Nana Plaza provided an experience of magic and mystic ritual; they gave the „sisterliness“ of direct and genuine and personal human relations.

It never was a façade of mysticism for me, it was authentic reality.


Nana Plaza has always been a location before the advent of science and technology, cool rationalization and intellectualization.


Not only Washington Square faded away, but Nana Plaza too, granted, in a different way. Sigh …

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There are still some gems to be found among the girls,nearly always those who are new to the scene.I suppose the best lookers with a good attitude soon find sponsors/patrons/partners who take them out of the nightlife scene.This leaves those whose primary motivation is money making.

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