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Some Thoughts About This And Other Siam-Boards


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Thanks guys for your contributions.


Now something personal. I have not been in Siam for some years now.

The last two years because of my stroke. Before the stroke I could not come because my company.


Look at the picture.

It looks as if Charly is ready for take off: Bangkok, Pattaya and the girls are waiting …

The bags are packed, out of the coldness, going into the warm.

That was on Christmas day 2010. Some days later – at the beginning of January my company called me: Charly, you have to cancel your holiday, there are new jobs and we need you!

The consequence: no holiday in Siam, no Sanuk with the girls, but work for my company.


But now I cannot be stopped by nothing and no one!


Counting the days … 24 days and the rest of today


Bakwahn alias Nasiadai

Hamburg Duesseldorf Bangkok


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