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Some Thoughts About This And Other Siam-Boards


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It seems as if everything is asked, all is said, and everything is discussed.

The spirit of optimism, the optimistic atmosphere and the rosy euphoria of the first 15 years have given way to sobriety and disillusion.

In the years 93-96 started many discussion boards like this one with lots of energy and optimism.

In the last 4 – 5 years or so, a certain 'disenchantment of the siam sanuk-scene' has been gaining ground.

The good old and cheap times are gone forever and with these vanished times a New Sobriety coupled with a cool damp rules now.

And all boards are not as agile, as lively as before.

That affects all boards, both German-speaking and English. Many boards died in the meantime.



What can be the reasons for that decline?


I think there two explanations possible; only some headwords:


1. Prices (I refer to NEP and SC)


in the good old cheap times; round about:

barfine 300 – 400, girl 1000 – 1500 Baht long time.

beverages 50 to 80 Baht


barfine 600 – 1000, girl 2500 – 5000 Baht long time.

beverages 120 – 180 Baht


For the bar hopping, drinking and for a girl for the night you need around twice to three times nowadays. Sanuk has become very expensive.

These prices go to the substance.

Our incomes – the earnings in the western world – stagnate for more than 10 – 12 years. That you can read in the business sections of each western newspaper.

That brings me to my second point.


2. The decline of the West – the decline of the white man

Money crisis – job crisis – stagnation of income – weak currencies

Other states and nations are catching up or pass the west by. One can see in Pattaya and the entertainment venues of BKK Koreans,

Singaporeans, Chinese and even Indians and other nationalities.

We are only one among many others. We are no longer the masters of this world.

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The costs in Thailand have gone up at least 50% in the past few years.


Foodland has a nice smoked bacon, was 410 Baht per kilo, in the past few weeks it has gone up to 510 per kilo....WTF...

about a 25% increase at the drop of a hat???


This is just example of hundreds I can think of and that affect me directly.


The sanuuk scene, sadly to say is dying out in Bangkok. A friend just flew in from the USA and went directly to Pattaya.

Like he said, "...go to Bangkok for what? Pattaya has everything I need and then some at half the price..."


I **** really **** miss the old Bangkok. I miss the meet ups at Gulliver's and the lady looking at everyones' schwantz in the

mens' toilet there....the spontaneous "parties" that would just happen in the Texas Lone Staar.


Oh well, grin and bear it and move on.


Maybe I will get to BKK for some Halloween parties in Queen's Park :dunno:

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Probably the only thai specific forums with heavy traffic are thaivisa and ajarn. One is mostly retired expats whinging, the other is english teachers. Not really sanuk or enthusiasm for the beauty of the place as opposed to the pitfalls. But yeah dynamics changing and next generation gravitates more to FB and Twitter.


Still I love Bangkok. Love Chiang Mai. Hate Pattaya (nothing against those that don't). Would like to spend more time in Surin, Khon Khaen. Still a lot of wonder and mystery and gamble to being in Thailand (if I lived in LoS a decade that perspective might be a whole lot different). Nightlife is a bit aggro and mercenary (though I wasn't around for the glory days referred to). So be it. One of my favorite places to escape the tedium of life's grind.


And still a few good (or interesting) folks lingering around these boards and nuggets of wisdom to glean here and there. Every time I think I've left or focused elsewhere - end up circling back out of curiosity.


And made a couple friends worth having.


As Jim Morrisson once wisely put it: let it roll.

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The Bangkok of 20 years ago is not the same but I presume neither are us 20 years on.


As Limbo correctly identified most long term expats have gravitated away from the nightlife and are in long term relationships it is impossible to live the nightlife scene year in and year out, trust me I tried and it nearly killed me I had a heart seizure at 47 years of age.


I have seen expats come and go, big plans how to make their fortune and then disappear some 5 years later with their tails between their legs, their is an old saying amongst expat circles in Thailand the only way to guarantee leaving Bangkok with $1,000,000 is to arrive here with $10,000,000 sometimes words spoken in jest hold the most truth


Nowadays it does not concern me, moved out of the city and out to the Burbs and happy with life, Bangkok has had its day some 20 odd years ago and so did I but we have both evolved and moved on, yes some happy memories and also a few sad ones but that is all they are distant memories and if my grandchildren ever knew half of the shit I used to get up to back in the days they would have a field day talking about the old man.

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It is an absolute pain in the posterior getting home after an evening out


To have no problem getting a taxi home, don't even think about metered .... straight away offer a set amount over the standard rate to the first taxi driver you see and hint a decent tip ........ anyone not doing this will just wait for ever....

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