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Road Works At Nana Plaza - A First Short Report Of Nep


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Been back in California for a year now and miss the city (bangkok). Miss the smarmy heat, the naive tourists, the smiling street vendors sizing them up (and sizing me up too), I MISS THE WOMEN, miss the bizarre conservative culture hedonism on display, I MISS THE WOMEN, miss the unique smells (except the open sewers). Miss the fucking street food that makes me tear up, and then when I go to wipe my eyes with chili residue on my fingers it gets laughable (also another hint - NEVER go to take a piss after touching spicy Som Tam).


I don't think the bar decline is due to price - more complicated than that. More to do with where people travel during economic times of mediocrity. Hell the busiest gogo club in Bangkok - Bacarra - is probably the most over-priced with the most aggro felines. I don't really like the place but it packs them in like an assembly line.


Don't worry Nasidai - your English is easily understood. You're kind of like a toned-down and polite european relative of Bukowski.


Returning to the enigmatic city of Bangkok in March, look forward to it.

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Yesterday evening, Sunday 30. November 2014, barhopping Nana Plaza. A short report:


It was about 8. I entered Rainbow Bar 2. The old – sorry – mamasan recognized me at once. I know her for 20 years now. She welcomed me warmly. Made some small talk. Then I was greeted by the manager lady of Rainbow 2. I know her for 20 years too. She was a gogo girl then in the newly founded Hollywood Rock, today London Calling. Later she worked as mamasan for the Hollywood Group. And now she is the responsible managing director of this bar. This is what I call a career.


The line-up of this bar is quite well; the same type of girls as in the other Rainbow Bars:

Young, pretty, slim, some of them with nice big boobies, not too big. All very sexy looking.

Many have a hairstyle that is inspired by the Western fashion; large long curls and the hair is bleached blond and red-blond. It seems as if they want to look like our German, our western girls. Funny hahaha.

These hairstyles are very complicated and probably expensive.


I think, 20 – 22 girls work in this bar, not more. It was early, so hardly any barfines. It is a small number of girls for that large bar. There could work 50 girls.


This is one of the very important knowledge of this journey. In all the bars at Nana Plaza significantly fewer girls than there were for a few years. I emphasize: it is high season now.

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Back to SUCKERS Bar and back to Lady number 15, the sexbomb, the lady with the big fake tits and ass cheeks.

I hobbled with my walking stick in the bar. She immediately sought eye contact with me. I gave her the sign, to sit with me.

She came promptly. We started the normal small talk routine.


She is originated from the area of KonKaen. Her name is Pi-Mai. She started working in a massage parlor. Later she changed as a gogo dancer. She has several regular customers, she told me; mostly Americans. Those American guys seem to love and adore ladies with big breasts. They are tits men. And they love them and they want them even when the boobies are pure silicone, pure plastic. And they pay a disproportional price to get these wrong giants; these plastic game balls. Americans seem to have a mother complex. Check out the website of the Score Group of Miami, Florida. There are the big boobed superstars of the world, all nations, all ethnic groups.


ok. back to my topic. She surprised me with her age. I thought she was about 25 to 26. But then came the hammer, the big surprise: she is !!! 38 !!!

I could'nt believe it. But she repeated and confirmed: “I am 38 years; sam sip paed pee."

Then she started begging me to pay bar for her, and she promised me: “I am a good girl, I have good heart.†She took my paralyzed right arm, caressed him, massaging him a little, made eyes at me. Her gestures, her facial expressions, her smile, her promises ... well, for a moment I became powerless before her femininity, her art of seduction; and I believed her promises. “She has many regular customers, who always come back and spend a lot of money for her†so it flowed through my mind. So she can not be a bad trade.

My eyes wandered over her two beautiful big firm breasts. Unbelievably seductive, they were only 30 cm awy from me. But then came the crucial insight: these seductive boobies are masterpieces of plastic surgery. They are not the real thing. Stay away from her.


We did not talk about money, about prices. But I think, she wants 5.000 Bath longtime; I assume even 7.000 Baht.

Such prices bring anybody back to the earth. Any dreameries, any musing are over at once.

And 5.000 or 7.000 Baht are not a guarantee for good service: for girl friend experince and take care feeling. You can buy a starfish, a fucked-up, ice cold and cool calculating prostitute.


I stop here.

Enough for one go.

Stay tuned. Stay on the ball. There is more to come.



Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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Some more impressions from Nana Plaza


Angel Witch


20 – 24 girls work here. A lot of beautiful, sexy ladies. 3 or 4 with amazing tits. Fantastic. Boobies are real! No plastic! You can believe me, I am an expert, and with my left hand still working, I checked it.

Good shows. Well made. Angel Witch is always worth a visit.



Hot Lips


Hot Lips, first floor on the right side, the former Fantasie. I entered when it was late, at 1 in the night. Here are the typical Isaan looking girls working, wenches, peasant girls.

Here there is the only carousel from all over Nana. It is a small carousel, 2 to 4 girls can dance there.


oh, I miss the big carousels of the good old times with 20 or more girls. This tiny carousel in Hot Lips reminds us of times when up to 20 girls slowly passing by in front of the audience. You could flirt with them, you could smile at them while they slowly passed by. You could watch and examine every girl from sides.

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Some annotations about the music in the bars.


The bars Suckers, Angel Witch and Spellbound, I think, belong to the Nana Group.

Here is played good old Rock- and Popmusic. 60ties, 70ties, 80ties and 90ties; all those great Anglo-American favorites, we all know and we all love. Here the girls dancing yet, or at least indicate by their movements that they dance.


DC-10 and Sexy Nights belong to those bars too, where good old Rock- and Popmusic is played and the girls at least indicate (by the movements they do) that they are dancing.


All the other bars play that “computer music†produced and played by a machine, boom, boom, boom horrible!


It's actually happened a few times that I left a bar at once because of the loud and piercing noises, downright disgusting and obnoxious. I was not able to tolerate that bobbery, noise, bluster, roaring.

Why is not played pop music that everyone likes? Real music made with hand and heart and feeling much emotions?

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I can only echo the comments made by Coss above, keep em cummin!!!


Seems the board has long been kept in a semi comatose state by half posts of dubious worth, perhaps it was waiting for Charly's return. Either way it's great to read about all the goings on and your impressions of the bars and the girls. Hopefully you will get to Cowboy and maybe even the Go-Go's of Patpong, will be some interesting comments I'm sure.


Er, keep it up!

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Sawasdee kraph, hello to all guys of this board,


I just come back from a beer or two on Soi 4. Had fun with a girl.


Thanks for your kind words, for your encouraging comments. I pick out of the many responses one that I want to discuss.


As far as it being expensive - fine, good, I have money and I'm glad to give it away. Makes me feel less exploitative to be giving the girls a reasonable bit of cash, rather than Cambodian wages, for the good time that they provide is worth gold, for me.


YimSiam likes to pay the high prices because it makes him “feel less exploitativeâ€.

In former times I paid 1000 Baht longtime, 1500 lt and in the last years before my stroke 2000 Baht lt. They were nice and pretty gogo girls, tits – a good handful – charming, laughing with a fantastic attitude. I got a fulfilled and satisfied LT with that girl friend experience and take care feeling, we all like, we all want to enjoy. When I was in a good mood – horny, not drunken, sober – I fucked the girl 6 to 7 times in a lt. The girl and I, well, we celebrated a fuckfest, till at midday the room service knocked loudly and forcefully at the door, as if she wanted to say: “Hey you two, stop fucking now, I want to clean room.†We got up, took shower, got dressed and went to have a common breakfast.


These girls did not belonged to the small group of the absolute superstars, like you can see them in the rainbow bars nowadays – but they were very nice, pretty, charming, and full of emotions. They belonged to the women that are attractive due to their whole personality, their physical attractiveness, her smiling face and her character, her behavior and her charm. I loved her and barfined her because the whole package was absolutely convincingly; girlfriend material, so to say.


In my opinion I paid a fair price, the girls were happy with what I paid. It was good money for them. Many did not want to leave me; I paid them so that I could fuck the next girl on my to-do-list. That was the past.


The last 8 days I had three girls of the same quality I described above. One from Crazy House, Soi Cowboy and two from Nana.

I've been searching long time, I have roamed the bars, I have used all my experience to find those girls who meet my expectations. I have many dismissed, I said no to many girls.I have done the right thing, I have selected wonderful girls. I paid 3000 Baht long time.


That is my argument against the implicit assumption of YimSiams hope: more money and higher prices can buy good service, good attitude, girl friend experience and take care feeling. I dont think so.


YimSiam - and I say it to all – many girls are not providing that good old “take care feeling†and “girl fried experience†any more. They get more and more money oriented, more and more professionalized, economized, many girls have become starfishes, fucked-up, ice cold and cool calculating prostitutes.

I found out, there are new attempts, new endeavors which promise nothing good:

They try to cut long time in a sort of "long short time": stay over night, early in the morning they go. No morning fucking, nothing. In the night 1, perhaps 2 fucks, finished. Horrible times are in front of the door.


My bottom line, my conclusion - I don’t make it too pessimistic, too gloomy:

Thank God: You can find a girl providing the good old girl friend experience, the take-care-feeling, a lady with a good heart, but they get more and more rarer, less often.


More money does not buy attitude.


I stop here.

ok. Enough for one go.

Stay tuned. Stay on the ball. There is more to come.



Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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