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What To Use Instead Of Truecrypt?


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I've done some searches and not much shows up on internet. That surprises me considering how popular Truecrypt was.


I've had it in constant use, version 7.1a for years. "They" say it doesn't work anymore. I not sure what that means. Does that mean it's been hacked and hackers can walk right into files and drives secured by it?


The comments I hear online seem to suggest an internal politics breakdown among the developers.


The big question is What to use instead of Truecrypt? I've search this site and nothing comes up and that surprises me too because I learned about it here.


Gaw Guy

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TrueCrypt still works. There was conjecture over whether something may have happened in a recent version so the idea is to simply install one of the older versions before v7.2. I am still running it and it works great. Never a problem.


Yes...it seems to work the same as always. I'm wondering if there's something I don't know? A flaw that hackers know about TC that we don't. What do you think?

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