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A Way Of Winning: Fiery Jack's December Sojourn In Bangkok

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Well spoke, I think you mirror what a lot of us feel.


I look back to 15~20 years ago as the heyday, others will have slightly different time frames.


And yes, the non-working girls are much more accessible to foreigners than they woulda been back in the day. I can remember my encounters with non-working girls as being opposed by all who knew the ladies, whereas the bargirls were free and appeared innocent (except in the sack), willing GFE participants.


​It may be that because we're all from the inter web, that non-working girls have collectively seen, that a foreigner is just a lonely, very good catch, and that 'chickens', have been having an easy run, at the main chance.


It may also be, that because we're all from the inter web, that the procreation market has leapt national boundaries, all at once. I certainly remember when 99% of marriages (or partnership arrangements that refuse the term marriage, good on them) were between people from the same geographic locales. Now, I see more and more that are between citizens of the world.


I do however, thank God for the backwaters of the world, where governments of the '60s and '70s still hang on, and people still retain some of their innocence and evil in good measure, where everything is less commercial and more personal.

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I am curious about that too. I live in Japan, so perhaps I feel some sense of being 'at home' in there, for better or for worse. I dunno. Where would you recommend?   Also, I'm almost always roister

A gallon of ale in the airport pub and onto the plane and up, up, and away: I'm on my way from misery to happiness today.   Touchdown. Taxi. Check In. Beer.   Across the noisy road, to the Plaza

Well done Jack!

Yeah man, hit me up when you’re in Hong Kong. My contact info is the same as it always was…


As far as THE UA875 – talk about times-they-are-a-changin’ – United Airlines gave up the Narita/Bangkok route. Fucking Sacrilege. Riding that flight was half the fun of going to Bangkok – talk about the freaky freaks. A circus at 39,000 feet. It all reverts back to my original ramble post – Bangkok has become a different destination. Apologies to FJ for shamelessly, albeit unintentionally, hijacking this thread. Here’s some MaoMark from 2003 – sounds quite like your time in Soi 7 and Rainbow…



“Now I do not drink the beer†(MaoMark, January 24, 2003)


I have been drinking too much beer. The time is hot and sticky for me. I feel like all the day, and I lie at night. The girls are the workers. They must work upon me. Working my penis, working hardly in the making happy of me


I will incline them so. But I am growing fat here. I need to walk, to leave and to see something with exception of girls. I am obtaining slow. The beer, slows down my brain and my body is great big. Beer slows down my wanting, and wanting is I am here. Wanting the girl is I am here.


I decide the beer is I am becoming unhealthy. Therefore, I am going to stop drinking of the beer. I will be acute, more elegant, no fat and will make love better. In place of beer I will drink the whiskey



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These are like finding centuries-old lost scrolls. I believe this may be MaoMark's final piece before he died alone. He was unrecoverable at this point but, man, it is eerie how his writing mirrors the spirit of some of these trip reports...




"More drunbk and it is daylight" (MaoMark, right before he passed away ~mid-2003)


Drunk, they drink to Me Again again I am writing here because the boredom feels in me like a fog. I am heavy, heavy in my heart, my body and my breathing.


The hot air today makes life lasts feels in me like a blanket. I will not seat inside, because here it is where it is the hotel and desire not to be there.


Seating in a room, like a cage. The hours of feeding are 9pm – 2pm.


“hombre Dangerous – Naked women and beer of the feeding only?


That one is the sign in my door. They drink to me and it is not the time of the lunch. The heat and the boredom feel in my chest like barmaid fat.


Talking and speaking with me in it mindless. This is so hardly, but my penis is soft, little. Soft from to drink, Soft from to eat, softly of the heat and the air.


Desire will big when to grow today dark.


When the elephants and the salesmen of street arrive to play. Watching the girls she arrives in his motos of the fiance’s grave’s, Dressed to undress! Watch at all the pretty girls in a row, that will have sex tonight? THERE IS AHA HAS IS a joke? One drunk says to another one whereas en?Do of the Girl of Nana that is there – she fucks No? HAHAHAHAHA


I have taste that one, my friend me I said it. I is hot and i wanted that it rained, I wash my boredom far, I wash to the dust the heat far. I have taste of the outer bar.


Si acute intense here like an old tired elephant that eats the peanuts. Hoping to be made tonight. I do tonight that the girls will go upon me.


I will lie in my bed, TV that watches and she can work my penis. I will see my TV and let them work. American Of the Wrestling. Tag Team That fights. A first girl, makes her work, then the following one. Label, its she. Hardly like when she was a boy.


But now I am a man, lost in my beer, lost in the heat of Bangkok, lost hoping the time to happen so I can take whores more.



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Jayzus... That's something. Charles Bukowski, raise your glass to MaoMark.... I think I was around the boards in 2002-2003 under some name or other, but don't remember these posts. I suppose my focus was elsewhere - but 13, 14 years later, those other things have become less interesting.

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