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Man From France Sent Home By Meritmaking Silicone Monster


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Gentlemen ,


every morning when waking up in BKK I usually suffer from a headache due to abuse of whatever . Which is why I immediately read the Bangkok Post and all is gone and the day looks bright and promising , I may elaborate :


On Wednesday last week the Post reported about internationally ultra-famous , silicone-powered Thai actress Irin " Pel" Srikaew complaining about her French boyfriend because " she could not understand why Syrik had to take wine with every meal " , hence " discovering different values " . Pel confirmed " I order fruit juice , but he says I am making a big deal out of it " .


Khun Syrik on the other hand seems to have gone mad about Pel´s attitude " to get up every morning to give food for the monks to make merit for her deceased mother and sister " .


Although Khun Syrik tried to show affection , class and elegance by taking Pel out for dinner at a " high rise restaurant in Soi 11 " he had to go back to France with " his tail between his legs " .


Thai readers of the story did later comment : " Talking things through with reason and understanding can solve most problems " .


To which I do fully agree .




A real tragedy , apart from the high mortality rate in Pel`s immediate family . After thinking it over and having a closer look again at Khun Pel I support Khun Syriks decision to keep on dring wine in favour of canned fruit juice in high rise restaurants in Soi 11 . Personally i could do with early morning merit making on condition early means 11:30 AM or after .

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I find myself in all kinds of a mess in the morning in Bangkok. I find a slow, superficial, methodical read of both the Post and Nation is often just the right medicine to help me right my ship and face the day. It's light stuff often, but just varied and entertaining enough - and long enough - to make everything okay. Almost everything. If I'm up and around - drinks and a systematic read of these two pillars of Bangkok at one of the morning bars is an excellent start to another of my bkk groundhog day's experiences. Soi 4, soi 7 sometimes. I enjoy this.

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Almost everything. If I'm up and around - drinks and a systematic read of these two pillars of Bangkok at one of the morning bars is an excellent start to another of my bkk groundhog day's experiences. Soi 4, soi 7 sometimes. I enjoy this.


Having a late breakfast Soi7 , alternatively Soi11 at the German Beer house studying the local papers is one of the great pleasures in life as I found out recently , I am fully with you Sir . May it never end .

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Lol same old forum, same members. Out in Manila where I had my cock amost chewed off by some agressive teeth in a Burgos street gogo bar, I thought about you guys.

A bit of a culture schock after an early summer spent in the chaos of Deauville and Baden Baden.

My thoughts are with Kun Sirik

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Having spent for work quite a bit of time in Manila just recently, I found the bars oddly lacking compared to Thailand,


In the Malls, I prefer the curves of Philippine girls to Thai girls, and frankly prefer Sumatra girls over both, but in the bars, the talent is sadly lacking. I was looking forward to my time there, and was frankly disappointed with the bars.


I've been very lucky at a Mall out near Mandaluyong City, and Quezon City area malls have been good, no need to troll, you will get approached if you dress well and don't look like a pervert.


I was based beside what i think is one of the best Malls in Asia (not for picking up though in the day time) Greenbelt, which was an added bonus.


Odd thing about Manila is the cost of booze in restaurants, even up market ones, is very low compared to pretty much anywhere else in the world. While having a very good, $30 steak on level with the better steak places in Bangkok, San Miguel, or any other beer, was almost supermarket pricing.


NOW if you move out of Manila 100km+ to those famous older areas for whoring, then yes, the talent level rises and less obnoxious girls/old ladies. But I rarely had an excuse to go there, so I visited just once. BUT the talent there was good.


But frankly, the last girly bar I was in Manila was in Burgos St, If I was offered a blow job, she'd have had to take her false teeth out to give a good one. Still, beer cheaper in those bars than Bangkok.


Now Greenbelt at NIGHT is a different story, the Cuban Bar/restaurant has a good steak for I think $15, classy band, great atmosphere, a ton of girls dressed to kill,


Reminds me of 15/20 years ago to the old Upper Class haunts of Bangkok that attracted older well dressed girls.


Talent at the Cuban bar is good, outdoor is smoking area. Girls range in age from early 20's up, but dress very well, and sexy. And they seem to be expensive. I only ever found one I was interested, a very cute spinner who was shouting her friends bottles of wine, she and I seemed to hit it off, however she told me


"I can't go tonight baby, the red tide is in"


I had to think a while what that meant.


A few nights later she pinged me that it was all clear, however by bad luck it was my last night, and I suspect her fee was far more than I'd been willing to pay.


As a place to eat, drink (mohito's) smoke a cigar or two, look at a range of stunning girls, I strongly recommend Havana Bar (I remember it's name now) in Greenbelt Makati.


Walking around the Burgos St, I've found the street walking massage girls better value than anything in a bar. A few I've taken back to hotel, or arranged to meet me later. Quite a few take it up the arse, which is rarer in Bangkok also. I do like to fuck a spinner up the arse, but it's rare to get one to agree in Bangkok.


For Massage places, I've been into a few dodgy ones, and never gotten my dick accidentally nudged even, I am sure there are many massage places offering happy endings, I've just never found them, or, if they are in Bourgos St, the fee is silly and I may as well have a fuck.


Moral? If in Manila, yes, girls look different, I'd say better (I like boobs) bars are less crowded, less dancing, cheap beer, that can or can't be good things, and girls frankly more covered up and uglier, a bad thing. Stick to day time mall trolling, but do it in a Mall away from somewhere good like Greenbelt. A ton of malls in Manila. Or if you do go to Greenbelt, night time it's a great pick up place, a tad expensive though for the girl. Street walkers are massage girls dressed often in what looks like Chinese revolution peasant clothing, however it seems it's a standard uniform that covers them up. Not bad value to take home.


And no - not everyone does speak English, seems there was a period under that female president where they stopped teaching English, so it's not as universal as commonly thought. Maybe I get to areas less touristy with work, but definitely not universal.

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I've never heard of this "Pel" girl before but google brings up some great articles.


<<Irin is a native of Bangkok Thailand born under the stars of Aquarius, one day after Valentine's Day.

It doesn't seem strange that this only child had plenty of time to discover herself both in sports and other hobbies. Her beautiful physique is not just a product of spending countless hours in the gym but also from bowling, scuba-diving, swimming and jet skiing. Thank goodness for her extracurricular outdoor activities that gives her that beautiful golden tan and her confidence in wearing two piece bikinis!

Perhaps words don't do her justice so come on inside and see for yourself..>




And it gets worse



Pel, who is well known for her acts of generosity, says while she has no regrets in that department, she does wish she had been more circumspect in a recent music video, when she showed too much between her legs.

One news website last week ran contrasting pictures of Pel giving a demure wai at a temple, and doing the splits for the music video.

At the temple, she is sensibly dressed in trousers.

In the video shot, she is wearing a see-through lacy dress, high-rise leather boots and black gloves. She is squatting, hands on knees, with legs splayed before the camera to reveal a pair of small, skin-coloured pants.

"I saw the video and just about died. At that moment I was tempted to give up sexy work altogether. I am sensitive about such things … I care what my fans and elders in the industry think. I want them to enjoy my work. If they did not get pleasure out of the music video, I apologise," she said.>>


I love the line




Thanks to Budhha she didn't!

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Gentlemen ,


deeply touched by Khun Pel´s tragic experience with somebody from France drinking wine I decide to ask the board for final clarification on the following matter . If , and only if , for example Khun Pam from the original Thai massage shop after her return from Korea says to me : BuBi I want you so much ( genuine quote ) , does she mean myself or my wallet ? Or in case she would relly want myself so much , would she say BuBi I want your wallet so much in order to cover her real feelings ?


I only know they are shy .

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