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020176091 Is This Spam?


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If there is a way to get any kind of info about a phone number in LOS I don't know what it is. I did come across a note: "No reverse phone numbers in TLand for the moment."


I have a missed call from this number and generally I wouldn't care, but I got here recently and one of my favorite friends has gone missing / changed her phone number. I think she may have retired from doing what she used to be doing. She was special in that she wasn't a "professional" at all and when I left I was the only guy she was seeing.


I'm trying to find out some info about this number on the off chance that it could be her from some land line. It looks familiar in that I think I may have gotten spam calls from similar before. I don't want to just call it back because then I'll be inviting more solicitation.



Gaw Guy

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WTF does an American website have to do with Thailand MORON


The give away is the date format 07/15/2015 is not the format DDMMYYYY which is used in Thailand it would be 15/07/2015


Every time I think you have shown your own stupidity to the maximum you manage to surpass yourself.


Go back home to your village, its missing an idiot.

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" Go back home to your village, its missing an idiot."


I don't believe like you Mekong, that this particular call has orginated in Thailand ....


I personally believe this number is a VoIP number which has already been reported, be it on an American website which is understandable should it be a Skype, Vonage, Gmail etc .. which has already picked up on as scam ..


The biggest advantages of making international calls using VoIP is that you can choose to purchase a phone number in another country. Let's say you live in the United States, but all your relatives live in England. VoIP calling services like Vonage and Skype can assign you a British telephone number, even if your phone is in the United States.

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