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Transferring Visa To New Passport


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The Thai immigration is now requiring a letter from your embassy when you want to transfer a visa from your old to your new passport. And the Dutch embassy figured that that is a nice opportunity to rip off their citizens by charging 1,070 Baht for this piece of paper that took literally less than 2 minutes to produce :(



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Anyway, today the fat lady sang! It's been an arduous journey. In the end it ended like a lot of tech problems where something goes wrong and you don't know why. But it's a big issue and you have to fix it. You try this, and that and the other and nothing works. Over several days you try many more things with no result. Then one day you turn on the system and problem is gone. WTF! You have no idea what the problem was and no idea why it's gone.


I'll give more details soon, but for now just know that the extension is taken care of. As one young lady said, tongue in cheek, "Now you can stay here with us for Songkran."


Thanks so much for all the help and input along the way.


Gaw Guy

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