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Uber - Wot's It Like?


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Where exactly?


City of sails, just across the ditch from you :)


My nephew has driven for them in Nashville. Says it's easy money and he's made as much as $200 a day. Nothing guaranteed though, varies from day to day.


Which appeals to me, have a nap when I want. MLG now is now an earner and it's time I did something that's not computer based, my eyes are going.

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I use Uber X or Uber Black (Hire Cars) all the time. Uber X is half the cost of a Taxi Uber Black 2x the price of a Taxi. Uber Black hi end vehicles (M5 BMW, 7 Series. Audi A8 etc Uber X I have been in everything from VW Golfs to Lexus. Uber X can be a bit of a lucky dip which is why you are able to rate drivers after the trip.


The way I see it the upside is the flexibility it offers and you are your own boss. The downside would be it takes 3 weeks before you actually see the money for a fare and the inevitable fuckwits you will be guaranteed to pick up. You will find you hear about the good nights but never the bad ones.

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Driving a taxi is a high stress, low paying occupation. It's always showing up in the 10-worst-jobs list.


And that's worth remembering when people slam the Bangkok taxi drivers. I'd hate to have to spend 8 to 12 hours a day in Bangkok's traffic. It's bad enough the few hours I do spend driving in it myself.

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