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New Zealand Visa For Thai Person

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Decided to take the family to the South Island to see that mythical white stuff called snow.


The visa for the wife was pretty easy.


I did it online, which seems to be a new option


Thai's still need to send their passport to be "sighted" at the visa processing place, but it's returned to you instantly, regardless of visa outcome it's not kept for days.


I opted to put in a stamped return envelope.


Once I completed the form, added in some things for proof of relationship, took about 30 minutes on line.


Cost was about $180Aus, no idea what in other currencies.


Passport returned within 5 days as I said,


Then I waited THREE FARKIN WEEKS before almost having a heart attack, so I called, told them we leave in a week, answer was just WAIT.


You can check on line but it's all in Kiwi English so hard to follow


Then I had a thought, I'll check my wifes trash bin in gmail.




There was the visa, it had been approved in 3 working days! THREE DAYS




And yes, I'm a dickhead at times,

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