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Sim Card For Vietnam

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I'm planning to travel to Saigon and environs soon. The last time I was there I bought a sim card (cant remember the carrier) and I was constantly bombarded with promotions via sms.


What is a good (carrie)r sim card to get?

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Personally I used VINAPHONE but VIETTEL and VN Mobile are just as good


As BB Says can block the SMS but some are worth while receiving every so often with VINAPHONE they put out a special offer "Double Recharge" i.e pay 100,000 VND and get 200,000 VND Credit


Not sure how long you will be here for, but now if longer than 1 Month you need to register the SIM Card, they b;ock yhe number after 30 days, they do send you an SMS warning about such but if you daint read Vietnamese pretty useless.

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Reminds me of True sending out messages a few years ago telling us in THAI that we had to bring in our passport and register our phone numbers or the government was going to block them. More than a few people ignored the unreadable messages and found out the hard way.

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