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Couldn't decide whether to put in food or technology :wink:

Blowjob Coffee Shop Ran By Robot Sex Workers Is Coming To London And... Wait WHAT?!





This would be an interesting start to the morning.

A "sex industry entrepreneur" (yes, that's a thing) is planning on opening a blowjob coffee shop staffed by robots.


This is not Bradley Charvet’s first time experimenting with caffeine and orgasms. His operations are based on Thailand’s notorious blowjob bars, where in addition to a skim latte, guests can pick from assorted pastries and escorts.

But while England is a fairly open minded country, they’re not yet ready to legalize prostitution in Starbucks. Hence the robots, allowing Charvet to expand his operations all over the world.

“It’s not ridiculous to think about this idea right now,†Charvet told Inverse. “You could not imagine how many people are ready to give sex robots a try in 2016. We asked thousands of potential customers and they were very curious and eager. There is an opportunity in being the first to provide that serviceâ€


London isn’t the first planned operation; Charvet announced a more traditional, robot-less fellatio café in Switzerland earlier this year. But that business model seems run-of-the-mill compared to the questions he now answers about his new business partners:


“We are in disucssions with a company called MySiliconeLoveDoll,†says Charvet without sarcasm. And as for male mechanical escorts, “FaceGirl is going to develop the first Café Pipe. Bumpix is going to develop the second one in huge.â€

There will be private sessions available in “box-like areas,†but the majority of the services are expected to be performed in the open, right at a bar—right next to your friends, apparently.


So, fess up: is this something you would ever consider trying?

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