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Videos Crash Pc?

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Lately I've been experiencing frequent computer crashes. It seem that Youtube or other videos cause it. I avoid watching videos, but sometimes I click on a link where a video starts without my asking. This is quite annoying.


Any ideas what's going on and how to correct it?

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Buy a new Computer.


A radical statement maybe but it saves all the shit. OK I use mine over 60 hours per week at work but after 2 years / 6,000 hours shit can it and get a new one.



I have just replaced mine, after 25 months the old HP was on its last legs so it was replaced by a Dell, I will have to take it out of the box one day, but sod it I am on vacation and use my MacBook for personal computing.


Don't waste your time fucking about with it, if you resolve one issue you are bound to have another, just like night follows day once it is fucked it is fucked.

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This sounds like it might be a bad, er, Flash install.


What's in a name huh.


It aint ma thing but I've seen similar on other machines.


If the hardware is still up to the job then worst case, save off all the "stuff" you want to keep to some other media, wipe the hard drive and start again.

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