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Crab Mistakes Nudist For Oyster

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A 28-year old Pasir Ris woman who decided to sunbathe nude at Changi Beach has received a laceration to her vagina after she was bitten by a crab. A marine biologist who commented on the case claims that the crab, likely to have been a horn-eyed ghost crab, may have confused the woman’s genitals with an oyster, part of their natural diet.


The girls told reporters that they were worried that the crab's pincers could have contained poison, so they took turns to suck out the venom from the wound. "We weren't sure if that type of crab is poisonous, but just to be on the safe side we thought we'd better clean the wound."



See that's when I was pretty sure this was some sort of alternative fact.

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I remember Pasir Ris beach from my teenage years, back when there were no flats anywhere in sight. One local bus on the main road would pass every hour or so, and of course no aircon. It was at least a half hour walk to the beach on a rather rutted road, and in later years a small housing development sprang up fairly near the beach.

There was only a rudimentary shelter on the beach - think rusty bus stop and you wouldn't be far off.

I used to like to include that in my cycling routes back then, and was a great spot for overnight sea fishing with friends, a tent and a couple of beers. Yes, back then camping on the beach was not illegal..

Good times.. :)

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When I was 8 years old, my mother took us on a long trip by train to southern California to say goodbye to an elderly great aunt who was dying. One of my memories is of seeing many people camping in tents on the beaches. When we moved to California some years later, I noticed no one camped on the beach any more. I asked my uncle why. He said the police had banned it because it was too dangerous ... too many robberies, rapes, murders. :surprised:


I can understand why some folks long for the past.

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