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How To Delete A Useless Piece Of Shit

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And another rave review ...


Review summary


Good points tick.jpg


• Very effective at removing hijacked browser search toolbars

• Removed spyware variants that other major brands didn't detect

• Customized spyware fix option available

• Easy to use interface

• Supports Windows 8.1


Bad points cross.jpg


• Infrequent updates


Our verdict


SpyHunter is a useful anti-spyware program that detected and removed a large number of spyware variants that several of the major brands didn't detect. We found nothing that suggested that it's rogue or unscrupulous. The only real downside was the infrequent updates, but your unlikely to find a more effective anti-spyware program on the market right now.



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SpyHunter is a virus scanner that gives fake results in an attempt to scare people into giving them money. SpyHunter is a complete scam. Do not download SpyHunter because it will ruin your computer an

I use Malwarebytes. There is a free version but if you pay for the subscription you get real time protection. Works great for me.   Hope that helps Flash.

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And a not so good review ...

  • Pros
    In testing, eliminated active malware and malware that launches at startup, as promised. Integrated HelpDesk remote remediation tool. Installs and runs in Safe Mode. Bootable recovery environment available. Free scan available. Certified by one testing lab.
  • Cons
    Missed many malware samples in tests. Failed to remove executable traces of detected samples. No significant real-time protection. Expensive.
  • Bottom Line
    Enigma SpyHunter 4 does what it promises, eliminating active malware and killing malware that launches at startup. But competitors deliver much more.





p.s. My browser had become absolutely useless, as about every 60 seconds it opened multiple tabs for 6 or 8 different sales sites. I couldn't shut them down as fast as they open. It quickly put a stop to that and made things usable again, though I still get an occasional browser hack on Fire Fox.


I don't know if I'll renew it, but for the time being it's working. So which is the best to use then?

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Flash, at the risk of indulging in Schadenfreude, I'll relate the following:


My dad paid quite a few dollars for a program that said he needed to fix his PC, he's very happy, because it found many problems and fixed them. I tried to tell him it was a scam but he thought it was good value because it had fixed things. That the hundreds of things, that were fixed, may not have been broken, cannot enter the discussion without a heated argument, he is too proud to admit he wasted his money.


Windoze is system, implemented on such diverse and sometimes shoddily built PCs that sometimes the things won't work as they should, highly skilled and experienced PC techs can fix these relatively nuanced problems and few of them are named Somchai. A fresh reinstall of the system will usually fix things too, but you have to be willing to go through that process.


If my WIndoze is a recent version and I've got it's security features turned on, I should have all the patches required to keep the baddies at bay.


If my Windoze consistently doesn't work, or breaks down every few months, I'd get another PC and while I'm at it a difference OS.


Were it not for the work I do, that is easier done on a twin screen Mac, I would go completely to IOS on an iPad, the IOS is sufficiently advanced for the needs of a Prosumer now.

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I use AVG (cleans up and then runs in the background, free package at first, then pay for full service) + Spybot, a free package that the user has trigger. Both suggested by professional computer chappie at work.


Sympathies to Flash - seems like only yesterday that he posted his first computer whinge on Nanapong - I'll commiserate with a drink at Woodstock later tonight.


[Er ... something not quite right here....]

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