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Model Kidnapped To Be Auctioned As Sex Slave

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British model kidnapped in Milan, Italy, to be 'auctioned', police allege


Rome: A Polish man has been arrested in the Italian city of Milan over the alleged kidnapping of a British model who was held captive for six days.

The police say the man, Lukasz Pawel Herba, 30, a Polish citizen who lives in the UK, was charged with kidnapping for extortion purposes.

Milan daily newspaper Corriere della Sera reports the 20-year-old model who has not been named was lured to a fake photo shoot on July 11.

Based on court documents, the newspaper says she was then drugged, handcuffed and put into a suitcase.

Corriere della Sera reports the alleged captor told the woman she could be freed upon payment of 50,000 euros (about $A74,245).

The report says investigators also are exploring the possibility the woman was abducted so she could be auctioned off online.

The paper says she was released on July 17 because her alleged abductor discovered she had a young child and considered her unsuitable for sex trafficking.

The London Telegraph reported the model was held captive while her kidnappers sought to "auction" her via the internet.

Police said the model was sent by her agent in the UK to Milan for a photo shoot on July 10 and kidnapped by a man who posed as a photographer the following day.

When the model arrived at the fake studio near the city's central railway station a day later, she was anaesthetised with the drug ketamine which was injected into her arm before she was undressed and photographed.


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Saw her on the news last night - she would definitely get a discount in a Chinese restaurant

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So is this for real? I mean, is this a regular thing that happens? Anyone ever heard anything about this kind of thing going on as a regular practice ?


For one there's this Middle East angle, easy to imagine rich oil guys going to these extremes. (Or is it my imagination going a bit wild?)


Then there's this part about there being 'dark web' online auctions where sex slaves must be regularly sold.

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Taken with Liam Neeson? There's a few listed with that title. I didn't see any of them.


Never heard this German in America story. But this seems to go beyond mere human trafficking. The far more common form of that is where a girl gets sold into a 'contract' maybe by her family, maybe she takes out a loan and commits to the contract, there's lots of ways. Getting kidnapped like this is and then sold to a buyer in another country is extreme, even in third world countries. And becoming not just an indentured servant, which is more like what most trafficked hookers are, but an actual slave who'll never be free again.


Did you read some of the follow up stories? The girl said she was told that her buyer would probably use her until he got bored of her, then pass her on to someone else, and eventually she'd become tiger meat.


Half of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop and find out this was a hoax. But so far, no.


Just looking up info on "dark web" and it turns out that indeed it's a way that guns, drugs and girls get transacted.


It will be interesting to watch this story as it develops.


I know we have some guys here who work in Middle East. Ever heard of stuff like this? Oil sheiks buying kidnapped models????

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Stories are many indeed. Not so much here in Qatar but in UAE/Saudi Girls being snatched off the street and drugged. Disappeared to Fortresses out in the dessert with no roads for miles and miles. It's truly a lunaresque wasteland for the most part. The tigers, yup, regular pets along with pretty much any other beast you can think of.


Walked in to a subway one lunchtime with a couple of mates and there's a chimpanzee, in a diaper, sat at a table, eating a sub. Most just thought it was cute. S.O.P. in these parts. :shakehead

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A North Carolina man was charged with human trafficking after he sexually assaulted a Russian-born German citizen he met online, took her money and held her against her will for several days, police said on Tuesday.



Hayworth said Whiteside met the 34-year-old woman on a dating website and paid for her to travel to the United States.


He took her money and phone after she arrived on June 4 and held her in involuntary sexual servitude, Hayworth said. A search of the warehouse where Whiteside lived and ran his refurbishing business revealed a hidden bedroom, guns, ammunition and pornography, the chief said. ...

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